Cibali alibeykoy part of eminonu alibeykoy tram line was opened
34 Istanbul

Cibali Alibeyköy Part of Eminönü Alibeyköy Tram Line Is Opened

Alibeyköy-Cibali section of the Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram Line, which was started in 2016 by the former IMM administration and planned to be completed in 2018, was put into service on the first day of 2021 with the participation of CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Good Party President Meral Akşener. . The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

ibb with the taxi driver
34 Istanbul

İSPARK Parking Lot Allocated to Taxi Tradesmen

At the request of the taximeter companies and taxi driver tradesmen, IMM created an area in Yenikapı for a new raise. The work, which started today and attracts great attention, will continue until Saturday evening, January 2, 2021. Craftsmen's tea, soup, water, electricity [more…]

Black Diamond Mine Martyrs Museum Opened
67 Zonguldak

Karaelmas Mining Martyrs Museum Opened

Turkey Institute Coal (TCC) that the applicant and the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKER A) 2018 Small Scale Infrastructure supported by Financial Support Program "Zonguldak topography of the coal Historical Impact of Digital Technology with tourism and given their" project inaugurated [more…]

scholarship recipients attention sunday yesterday, novice, novice metro services will not be made between
16 Bursa

Bursaray Will Use on Sunday Attention!

Those who will use Bursaray on Sunday Attention; BURULUAŞ announced that there will be no BursaRay metro services between Acemler and Kestel due to the maintenance renewal work to be carried out on Sunday, January 3. In the statement made by BURULAŞ on the social media and website, it was stated as follows: “January 3 [more…]

Bridge Trafige, Connecting Korfez and Derince Districts, Was Opened
41 Kocaeli

Bridge Connecting Gulf and Derince Districts to Each Other

The reinforced concrete bridge built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on the connection road between Körfez district Cumaköy and Derince district Karagöllü neighborhood was completed and opened to traffic. With the bridge built over Koca Stream separating the Gulf and Derince districts from each other, [more…]

caldiran thermal ski resort season started
65 Van

Çaldıran Thermal Ski Center Opens the Season

After the first snowfall of the season in Çaldıran district, the ski season started. The thermal ski center, which was opened in Ayrancılar district of Çaldıran district, opened the season with the first snowfall of the season. A THERMAL SKI CENTER LOCATED IN THE WORLD [more…]

eminonu alibeykoy tram line is opened eminonu alibeykoy tram stops and map
34 Istanbul

Eminönü Alibeyköy Tram Stations Travel Time and Map

The first part of the 2016-kilometer Eminönü - Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station, which was launched by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in November 10,10, between the 12 stations and the Cibali-Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station, consisting of 8,8 stations and 4 km, will be used by Istanbul residents on January XNUMX. opens. Of the tram [more…]

bmc and togg will continue to work together
16 Bursa

BMC and TOGG Will Continue to Work Together

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) from domestic automakers and automotive giant BMC will produce a new statement came about TOGG management. BMC released a statement on the news of Ethem Sancak's departure from the TOGG Board of Directors. In the statement [more…]