Gasoline Kor Hafiz Statue Met With Arches
35 Izmir

Gasoline Blind Memory Sculpture Met with Kemeraltı

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out important works on behalf of urban culture, keeps the memory of Benzinci Blind Hafız, one of the symbol names of Kemeraltı bazaar, alive with a statue. Mustafa Ayriközü, who continued his life by filling lighters with gasoline for 60 years. [more…]

elmali bus terminal is ready for emergency
07 Antalya

Elmalı Bus Terminal is Ready for Opening

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the Elmalı Bus Terminal. The new terminal building, built on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, will provide comfortable and easy access to citizens as a modern and convenient structure. [more…]

Tender of new highway gray to Sakarya
54 Sakarya

Tender for New Highway Entry to Sakarya

President Ekrem Yüce shared the good news of the project, which will be the new entrance to Sakarya from the Anatolian Highway on the first day of 2021: “We prepared our project and presented it to our ministry. Our General Directorate of Highways held the tender for the highway toll booth entrances and exits. Big city [more…]

SAI audits took there tcdd invited accidents

TCDD Invites to Accidents at Level Crossings

Court of Accounts audits revealed that accidents were invited due to faulty or incomplete practices in TCDD. Court of Accounts auditors determined that the institution had not completed the necessary studies on high-risk levels. On railway level crossings [more…]

Is it a nasal filling or a rhinoplasty surgery?

Nose Filling Or Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic operations. Among these operations, filling applications have been performed in the form of non-surgical applications using modern techniques and technologies in recent years. Well nose filling aesthetics [more…]