Istanbul Home and Office Transport
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Istanbul Home and Office Transportation

Moving processes are always very difficult and costly processes. It will be a much easier process if you work with a systematic and professional shipping company that will organize your relocations throughout the entire process. Many different companies serving in this field [more…]

Finding vibration problems
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Diagnosing Vibration Problems

The art that remains in the field of modern automobile repair is more about the repair itself than to diagnose the problem in advance. I would like to disrespect mechanics who only specialize in changing things: any monkey can throw pieces at the car until it stumbles upon the broken piece and gets its place. [more…]

Ankara will be safer with new top passes
06 Ankara

Ankara Will Be Safer With New Overpasses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has speeded up the construction of pedestrian overpasses in areas with heavy vehicle traffic so that citizens can safely cross the street. Urban Aesthetics Department has 10 points in order to protect the life safety of drivers and pedestrians. [more…]

The foundation of the basin mechanical parking lot construction is being laid
55 Samsun

Groundbreaking for Basin Mechanical Parking Lot Construction

Project investments that will solve the parking lot problem in Samsun and its districts are starting. Stating that the foundation of the Basin Mechanical Parking Lot construction will be laid within two weeks, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir made examinations in the area. Metropolitan Municipality in the center and districts of Samsun [more…]

Do not neglect the swellings in the ear and fetal area

Do not neglect swelling in the ear and chin area

Approximately 2-3% of tumors in the body are seen in the head and neck region. 3% of tumors in this area originate from the salivary glands and can be surgically treated because they can be noticed at an early stage. Masses usually manifest as swelling in front of the ear or under the chin. [more…]

The puff point of protecting your mental health in the pandemic

10 Tips to Protect Your Mental Health in Pandemic

The epidemic disease of the century, Covid-19 infection deeply affects not only the physical health of the person, but also his mental health. Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Barış Sancak “Some of the mental problems seen after Covid-19 can be confused with physical diseases. Therefore spiritual [more…]

Why should we be careful about protein intake?

Why Should We Pay Attention to Protein Intake?

Expert Dietician Ecem Ocak, one of the founders of Formteg Consultancy Center, which brings together nutrition, diet and psychology consultancy services, explained the importance of protein consumption. Drawing attention to other functions of proteins involved in cell production and repair, Dietitian Ocak, [more…]

LPG will replace gasoline and diesel

LPG will replace gasoline and diesel

The fact that Global Warming started to show its effects stimulated states. Following the 2030 emission targets set by the European Parliament for the European Union, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the 'zero emission' policy, which he called the 'green plan'. 2030 under the Green Plan [more…]

Cartilage regeneration possible with the coke cell

Cartilage Regeneration is Possible with Stem Cells!

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu gave important information about the subject. It is possible to affect the change of stem cells, which perform the functions of repair, repair and renewal in the body, towards the desired tissue type. A new publication published in Nature, one of the world's most respected scientific journals. [more…]

cukurova airport will open in march of the year
01 Adana

Çukurova Airport Will Be Opened In March 2022

Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan said, “Infrastructure investments have been completed, a tender for superstructure has been made. The contractor company will start working within 2 weeks. With the permission of Allah, we will open the Çukurova Airport in March 2022. said the Treasury and [more…]

turkiyenin that second end car dove

Turkey's second Flying Car 'Doves' Will

Dr. Kursad Ozdemir, Turkey will be the second flying car "Doves" was shared about the details. The Mock-Up of the vehicle, which will consist of 4 fans and 8 engines, will appear this year. The first prototype of the project supported by MEF University will be in 2023. [more…]