what awaits the real estate sector in Izmir
35 Izmir

What Awaits the Izmir Real Estate Sector in 2021?

Real Estate PR, stating that İzmir will make a name for itself with new housing projects in the form of a site, especially urban transformation projects in the new year, stated that 'there will be great changes in the motivation of consumers to acquire real estate from İzmir' [more…]

crowd in public transport scares in Bursa
16 Bursa

Number of Passengers Using Public Transport Vehicles Decreased in Bursa

The number is… During the visit to Olay Media on the last day of the year, Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, explained: “There are not enough passengers in public transportation. 62 percent of passengers no longer take public transportation compared to last year. " Indeed… The most important solution for big cities with traffic problems like Bursa [more…]

Stage works of the ilimtepe road started
41 Kocaeli

İlimtepe Road 1st Stage Works Started

The first phase of the 5,2-kilometer road, starting from the Körfez district Yeni Yalı Mahallesi, the construction of which was started by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and going to the İlimtepe District started. Highway crossing for connection to Çamlıtepe District within the scope of works where the foundation piles of the viaduct started to be driven [more…]

ibb silivri mujdat gursu stadium renovation
34 Istanbul

İBB Silivri is Renewing Müjdat Gürsü Stadium

IMM completely renovates Müjdat Gürsü Stadium in Silivri. In the facility where ground works have been completed, the existing 2 thousand 500-seat tribune is modernized, while an additional 700-person spectator area is being built. Amateur and professional sports in the region [more…]

Istanbul metro is asked by him
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metro Is Being Asked About It

Managing the 3 billion Euros of transportation budget, IMM's Rail System Department Head Assoc. Dr. He calls Pelin Alpkökin my teacher, not the president. The only thing he can't stand is unnecessary delays. New IMM administration while working as a faculty member at ITU [more…]

komurhan bridge will save million lira a year
23 Elazig

Kömürhan Bridge Will Save 14 Million Lira A Year

Kömürhan Bridge and Kömürhan Tunnels on D-300 State Road, which connects Elazig and Malatya provinces, were put into service on Saturday, January 2, with a ceremony held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At the ceremony; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

The cable car project of the Sumela monastery has been completed.
61 Trabzon

Sümela Monastery Cable Car Project Completed Is Tender

Turkey's most important faith tourism centers of the Sumela Monastery visitors to facilitate the transport and will be established in order to provide the opportunity to see the top of the valley where about 150 million pounds cost of the cable car project tender is planned for the first six months of 2021. 6nd [more…]

What to do after a traffic accident

What to Do After a Traffic Accident

Hundreds of people around the world face the risk of injury and death due to traffic accidents every year. Traffic accident, which is one of the most loss of property and life, can happen to anyone at any time. Things to do in case of an accident [more…]

Gin will reduce the support it gives to electric cars
86 China

China Will Reduce Support for Electric Cars

As we enter the new year, the Ministry of Finance of China has announced that the assistance provided to vehicles with new (environmentally friendly) engines will be reduced by 20 percent. The reduction is 10 percent for public sector buses and cars, including taxis. [more…]