ban on exit from istanbul january street metro time schedule
34 Istanbul

Istanbul 30-31 January Curfew Metro Timetable

With the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a curfew will be applied throughout Istanbul this weekend starting from 29:21.00 on Friday, January 1, until 05.00:XNUMX on Monday morning, February XNUMX. In this context, in our weekend timetable, the following [more…]

We need to change the global normals

We Need To Change Global Normals

Stating that the coronavirus crisis, which has worldwide effects, gives important messages to humanity, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan points out that the pandemic has changed global trends. Üsküdar University Founding Rector, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. [more…]

Why is the quality standard important in labeling

Why is the Quality Standard Important in Labeling?

The fact that the labels, which form the first contact between the consumer and the product, are carried out in accordance with certain quality standards, is important in establishing trust in the product before the consumer. Labeling today is both a manufacturer and a seller in different products in every field. [more…]