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Affordable and Safe Shopping with Magnesia

If we go back to the data for those considering large volume sectors; Turkey, according to data in e-commerce on an annual basis to show growth of approximately 40% and this rate is increasing every year. E-commerce growth volume in developing countries [more…]

The time to define the account code for the metropolitan trabzon card has been extended
61 Trabzon

Metropol Trabzon Karta HEPP Code Definition Duration Extended

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality has extended the matching period of Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) code to 'Metropol Trabzon' cards until Monday, February 15. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic in all areas. Metropolitan Municipality of Ministry of Health data system [more…]

izdeniz car ferry prices hike
35 Izmir

İZDENİZ Ferryboat Fees Increase

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of İZDENİZ has rearranged the voyage hours in the gulf due to the number of passengers falling more than 50 percent during the pandemic process. While there was an increase in ferry prices due to economic requirements; The discounted hour application was also terminated. [more…]

million lira support to movie theaters

15,9 Million Lira Support to Movie Theaters

A support of 74 million lira will be provided to 159 movie theaters in 15,9 provinces by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Ministry will transfer 15,9 million lira of support to cinema theater operators, who had to close their doors due to the coronavirus epidemic, within the scope of "Domestic Film Screening Support". [more…]

New deliveries of tskya hgk gudum kits have been realized
06 Ankara

New Deliveries of HGK-82 Guidance Kits to TAF

New deliveries of the Precision Guidance Kit HGK-82, developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, to the Turkish Armed Forces were made. Deliveries of HGK-82, an important element of our air power, which was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE and mass produced by ASELSAN, continue. By subject [more…]

mutated virus was observed in turkiyenin yl

The mutated virus was seen in Turkey's 17 Provinces

Health Minister Fahrettin husband from social media accounts, the number of people detected mutated virus in Turkey has announced that it rises to 128. Sharing the information that “England variant was seen in 17 cities”, Koca stated that new mutations may also force vaccination studies. Minister Koca is [more…]

homemade vegetarian recipe

150 Homemade Vegetarian Recipes

Although it is said that vegetarianism or veganism is a new trend from time to time, the truth is not. The idea of ​​not eating meat is by no means new. People have been practicing this since ancient times. Two famous histories such as Plato and Pyhagoras [more…]

Time to buy a used car

It's Time To Buy Used Cars

In the automotive sector, where zero vehicle production has stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is predicted that the supply problem will decrease in 2021, and consumers are waiting for different alternatives in the market. Although used cars, which have made a name for themselves with price increases in 2020, will lose their popularity according to some people. [more…]

Taseron workers working in the turasas wagon factory want a staff
54 Sakarya

Subcontracted Workers Working at TÜRASAŞ Wagon Factory Want a Staff

In the TÜRASAŞ factory, subcontractor workers, who were employed with a low salary, despite doing the same job as permanent workers in wagon manufacturing, applied to the Provincial Directorate of Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency to determine that they were employed as a collusion. The lawyer of the subcontracted workers working in the wagon factory Av. [more…]