Danger of dry eyes for screen workers

Dry Eye Hazard in Screen Workers

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information about the subject. Tears are a very important body release that provides eye cleaning and helps protect the eye from harmful microorganisms in the environment. In the person, stinging, [more…]

Ways to be frequent in video meeting

Ways to Be Stylish in a Video Meeting

Due to Corona, almost all business meetings started to be held online with video. Well, what to wear in video meetings, how to be stylish, what to pay attention to… Pajamas on the bottom and shirt on the top Style Consultant Atilla [more…]

short tours of somestr holidays

Short Tours of the Semester Holiday

Dmaxtour, the new address of safe exploration, offers travel options during the semester break within the framework of pandemic measures. Within the scope of the travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, travelers can take daily tours by road or solo trips during the semester break. [more…]

Home accidents increased during the pandemic

Home Accidents Increased in Pandemic

There has been an increase in home accidents during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has deeply shaken our daily lives for about a year and caused both adults and children to spend more time at home than ever before. Acıbadem Taksim [more…]

veiled stress awakens cancer cells

Disguised Stress Awakens Cancer Cells

Stating that a phobia-like fear of disease emerged, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan emphasizes that the population with disease phobia is increasing and hospitals are at risk. In some individuals, implicit stress is also encountered. [more…]

amazing truth about teeth

5 Surprising Facts About Teeth

Our teeth are also an indispensable part of our body. However, we do not always give our teeth the attention they deserve. Dentist Pertev Kökdemir also shared 5 surprising facts about our teeth. tooth enamel human [more…]