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Tubidy serves as a video and music download program used since 2016. Youtube There are hundreds of songs and music in this application. Especially Youtube If there are parts to be downloaded from source, download them with Tubidy [more…]

great opportunity for guhem and boutique scholarship
16 Bursa

Great Opportunity for GUHEM and BUTEKOM Bursa

Ambassador of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adis Alagic visited the Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM) and Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM), which were brought to Bursa under the leadership of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Adis, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Ankara [more…]

I invest a million lira in the unye port
52 Army

50 Million Lira Investment in Ünye Port

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to invest 50 million lira in Ünye Port, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Dr. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, from the ports of 6 countries bordering the Black Sea [more…]

hyundai ioniq shared drawing views
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai Shares Drawing Images of IONIQ 5

Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to produce its first model under the name of its new sub-brand IONIQ. The IONIQ 5, the first model of the BEV series, which will be officially introduced very recently, has all the features of a CUV. IONIQ [more…]

step to facilitate stress management

7 Steps to Easier Stress Management

The stressful process that occurs due to the inability of the person to cope with any threat they perceive and negatively affects their daily life is defined as "stress". Caused by the inability of the person to cope with any threat perceived and negatively affecting their daily life [more…]

Don't argue in front of your child

Don't Argue in Front of Your Child!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Parents' arguing and fighting in front of their children can cause serious traumas as well as negatively affecting their development. A serious trust in children whose parents are in conflict [more…]

Why do not fast train projects end?
06 Ankara

Why High Speed ​​Train Projects Are Not Finished?

CHP Party Assembly Member and Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan gave a parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu about the high-speed train line projects that have to be completed for a long time.Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has been building for many years [more…]

samsun steep railway looks more economical
28 Giresun

Samsun Sarp Railway Looks More Economical

Cemal Öztürk, AK Party Deputy of Giresun, evaluating the railway line that will come to the Black Sea, said, "A project from the coast to Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Hopa and from here to Batumi seems more economical now." said. AK Party Giresun Provincial Chairman [more…]