Sinop Ayancik Road will be opened to service in the year
57 Sinop

Sinop Ayancık Road Will Be Opened In 2022

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu paid a visit to the city on Monday, January 25, to examine the ongoing transport investments in Sinop. huge investments in the transport sector in every corner of Turkey [more…]

myrtle becomes a bicycle city
33 Mersin

Mersin Becomes a Bicycle City

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news with the words "We will build a bicycle path wherever the width of the streets allow", and the work of the first phase of the 18.5 kilometer bicycle road project has started. First pickaxe shot To breathe traffic and bike [more…]

the renewed passport pier was put into service
35 Izmir

Renewed Passport Pier Put into Service

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer welcomed the first passengers of the Passport Pier, which was renovated and put into service again, with a daffodil flower purchased from producers from Karaburun. Pasaport Pier, which was renovated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on October 29, has been put into service again. [more…]

restaurants are free from having to carry a POS device

Restaurants Avoid Carrying a POS Device

Pocket POS mobile application developed by Sodexo Advantage and Rewarding Services for member businesses turns smart phones into POS devices. Restaurants that avoid the necessity of carrying POS devices in takeaway services can use their smartphones without contact thanks to Sodexo's Pocket POS application [more…]

sold more than a million vehicles in scoda
49 Germany

ŠKODA Sold Over 2020 Million Vehicles in 1

ŠKODA closed the year 2020 with 1 million 4 vehicle sales, and managed to surpass the 800 million threshold for seven consecutive years. In 1, when the COVID-19 pandemic was effective and reflected in sales, the production facility was closed for 2020 days. [more…]

He will establish a factory with power connection up to gin
86 China

China to Build 2023 5G Connected Factories By 30

China is accelerating the development of the industrial internet through integration with 5G technologies. In this process, the country aims to create 2023 fully 5G-connected factories by 30. Industrial internet development announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies for the next three years [more…]

Discount electricity period begins

Reduced Electricity Period Begins

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”) determined the Eligible Consumer Limit, which was 2020 kWh in 1.400, as 2021 kWh for 1.200. Consumers with an annual electricity consumption of 1.200 kWh and above gain the right to become an Eligible Consumer. [more…]

Why don't men like to shop from the store

Why Don't Men Like Shoping?

For the woman, walking around the market for hours, entering the stores, choosing and trying the product she wants, bargaining for minutes is a passion, entertainment, even psychological treatment method. There are millions of women who say that if I had the opportunity, I would spend my whole day in stores. What about men ... [more…]

most common method of cyber fraud

Top 5 Cyber ​​Fraud Methods

Cybercriminals can be extremely creative when it comes to stealing money. They can take on any identity and waste no time to use current events to their advantage. Cybersecurity firm ESET shared 5 methods commonly used by fraudsters [more…]

airbus tests future technologies with flightlab
31 Netherlands

Airbus Tests Future Technologies With Flightlab

Airbus Helicopters has just begun flight tests on Flightlab, a platform dedicated to the maturation of new technologies. Airbus Helicopters Flightlab complements Airbus' current helicopter range and even more challenging such as future fixed-wing aircraft or (e) VTOL platforms. [more…]

abdnin drug policy arrangements of turkey on the critical OneM is overflowing
1 America

US Drug Policy Arrangements critical importance for Turkey

The policies and effects that Joe Biden will implement with his election as president in the USA are a matter of curiosity. Following the conclusion of the presidential elections in the United States, will affect Turkey in the new era policies continue to be tabled. At the beginning of these, drug policies expected to change [more…]

The record of all years in real estate was broken

Record of All Years in Real Estate

In Turkey in 2020, 1 million 499 thousand 316 in total, including 2 million 678 thousand 74 residential sales transactions took place. Thus, the record for all years in the real estate sector was broken. The rate cut had an effect Despite the pandemic [more…]