the renewed passport pier was put into service
35 Izmir

Renewed Passport Pier Put into Service

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerwelcomed the first passengers of the Passport Pier, which was renovated and put into service again, with daffodil flowers purchased from Karaburun producers. It was renovated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on October 29. [more…]

He will establish a factory with power connection up to gin
86 China

China to Build 2023 5G Connected Factories By 30

China is accelerating the development of industrial internet through integration with 5G technologies. In this process, the country aims to create 2023 factories with fully 5G connections by 30. The next three years of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies [more…]

Discount electricity period begins

Reduced Electricity Period Begins

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”) has determined the Eligible Consumer Limit, which was 2020 kWh in 1.400, to 2021 kWh for 1.200. Consumers with an annual electricity consumption of 1.200 kWh or more [more…]

Why don't men like to shop from the store

Why Don't Men Like Shoping?

For women, wandering around the bazaar for hours, entering the shops, choosing and trying the product they want, bargaining for minutes, is a passion, entertainment, and even psychological treatment method. Who says I would spend all day in stores if I had the opportunity. [more…]

most common method of cyber fraud

Top 5 Cyber ​​Fraud Methods

Cybercriminals can be extremely creative when it comes to stealing money. They can impersonate anyone and waste no time using current events to their advantage. Cybersecurity organization ESET has warned that fraudsters are widespread. [more…]

The golden age of universities is coming to an end

The Golden Age of Universities Is Ending

KPMG has explored the future of the higher education sector as it bids farewell to 100 years of tradition in the global pandemic. According to the report prepared by KPMG, the heyday of universities that have come to a crossroads is coming to an end. Particularly in the top league with tuition fees [more…]