Turcume Office English Translation
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Translation Office English Translation

It is possible for you to benefit from the affordable quality and reliable services of Okeanos Translation office for translation and English translation requests! Through a translation agency operating in the translation industry for years, we provide translation and English translation services in many languages ​​in a reliable way. [more…]

fiber internet advantages
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Fiber Internet Advantages

Speed ​​is everything in today's internet world. The more important the download speed is when downloading TV series, music, files or movies, the more important the upload speed is for the posts you make on social media. [more…]

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When to Drink Probiotics?

Probiotics that are found naturally in the body and can be taken into the body through food or supplements; It strengthens the immune system, increases the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, prevents diarrhea, contributes to the recovery of some mental problems, heart and [more…]

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SEO Consulting

There are efforts to increase traffic to your website and to make your site appear higher in search results. These studies are collected under the name of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a result of these studies to be carried out by competent people in the field of SEO, internet [more…]

erciyes opens to latin america
38 Kayseri

Erciyes Opens to Latin America

Erciyes Ski Center, which started to gain an important place in the winter tourism sector in the world, attracted great attention from Latin American agencies and tour operators. As a result of the global promotion and marketing activities, in recent years, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Poland [more…]

Europe and else the summit with turkey daily flights

With Turkey Day Flight 1297 European Summit

Covidien-19 while causing the outbreak of the negative effects of the recession in the aviation industry all over the world, thanks to effective measures taken to Turkey was among the countries most successful in managing this process. Uninterrupted disinfection processes where physical conditions are arranged according to social distance [more…]

most follower
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Increasing Access with Social Media

While social media platforms are the most effective communication tool of the modern age, they are also frequently preferred for having fun. The use of social media, which has often turned into the point where technology age people even follow the agenda, is high [more…]

Recreation project started on the Sakarya river coast
54 Sakarya

Recreation Project Started On The Sakarya River

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who examined the recreation project on the river bank in Sakarya Park, said, “We offer a new alternative to the social lives of our citizens on the banks of the Sakarya River. Our project, which will offer seating areas, lightings and walking opportunities, is a natural [more…]

Turkish Exam for Foreign Teachers

Turkish Exam for Foreign Teachers

National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk, the appointed foreign teachers in Turkey said they begin their examination arrangements in preparation for the measurement of Turkish proficiency, work first reading Turkish teachers will be deployed in France, writing, they walked to assess the listening and speaking skills, then [more…]

Which Names were Most Preferred in 2020?

Which Names were Most Preferred in 2020?

Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs Turkey's 2020 Name map was prepared. On the map, data on the name maps of 2020 boys and 559.753 girls born in 531.390 were shared. Parents to give male babies traditional names [more…]

Unmanned water rescue vehicle from small students
34 Istanbul

Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle from Küçükçekmece Students

Test drives of the 'Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle' (İSKA), developed by Küçükçekmece Municipality Children's University students, were carried out in Küçükçekmece Lake. Students who participated in the infrastructure works of the Children's University "Model Ship Building Workshop" developed an "Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle" (ISKA). [more…]

A brand new approach to global salmon farming
47 Norway

A Brand New Approach in Global Salmon Farming

Leröy has certified that it has a higher Omega-3 content than Norwegian industry standards, zero antibiotic usage, zero escape from cages and full traceability in Salmon farming. Leröy Seafood Group's Salmon Fish is the most salmon in the seafood industry. [more…]