Do not say babies do not have hernia

Don't Say Babies Have No Hernia

Emphasizing that hernia is a condition that can be seen in babies and needs to be treated, Medical Park Gebze Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Tural Abdullayev, familial transmission is also in question in these disorders. [more…]

hearthstone darkmoon races begin

Hearthstone Darkmoon Races Begins

Fasten your seat belts and remember to keep your arms (or tentacles) inside your vehicle. The Darkmoon Races, Azeroth's fastest and most dangerous race, have begun! DARKMOON RACES MINI SET (January 21st) Phoenix Year, Ashes [more…]

Guys, you can have a fruitful time

Children Have a Efficient Semester

As of January 22, a 3-week semester break begins for students. This year, the semester was planned for 2 weeks, not 3, within the scope of corona measures, and a 1-week break in April was added to the semester. School [more…]

Health store colored food in winter

Health Store 5 Colorful Foods in Winter!

How would you like to strengthen your immunity by coloring your tables? While both winter and pandemic conditions reveal the need for strong immunity, healthy nutrition is undoubtedly of great importance. Interaction of various cells and proteins of the immune system [more…]

International article success from high school students

International Success from High School Students

Two scientific articles prepared by Hisar Schools high school students were entitled to be published in an international scientific journal. “Open Schools Journal for Open Science” journal; Accepting students' original articles on science, engineering, and technology [more…]

Sky Quotes
Guest Post

Sky Quotes and Sky Quotes

The sky has an important place for every living thing and is a roof that affects people both physically and psychologically. The sky is our beautiful dome where many scientific events we find romantic take place. of the sky [more…]