local and national projects that will shape the destiny turkiyenin

Local and National Projects Will Shape Turkey's Destiny

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and Vodafone jointly organized "The Power of Domestic Production and SMEs in Technology" joins the event on video conferencing method. Karaismailoğlu, Domestic Production in Technology and SMEs [more…]

Walk or exercise for those with herpes

Walk For Those With Hernia? Is It Exercise?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet İnanır said, “Walking should not be recommended for every hernia patient. Walking should not be a priority, exercise-based treatment should be given. It is evident from experience that exercise is much more important than walking, ”says The most common hernia. [more…]

Turksat a satellite tests were completed without any problems

Turksat-5A Satellite Tests Completed Without Problems

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, said, “Sub-system tests of Türksat-5A satellite were completed without any problems and the orbit uplift operations of the satellite were initiated. Orbit-raising maneuvers using the satellite's electric propulsion system will take approximately four months and [more…]

New buses start to run in Samsun

New Buses With High Level Comfort Start Their Trips In Samsun

33 buses purchased by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase travel comfort in public transportation start their trips tomorrow. Buses to be used within the General Directorate of SAMULAŞ will be put into service on existing lines with a ceremony to be held. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, traffic problems smart digital [more…]

physical work life will end

Physical Work Life Will End

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı emphasized that with Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0, physical working life will end and a mentally oriented working life will begin. “WE WILL WORK LESS” People use information in this digital transformation process. [more…]

meb goes to increase capacity in electronic exam centers

MEB Increases Capacity in Electronic Exam Centers

The number of electronic test centers of the Ministry of National Education will be increased to 491, the number of exam halls to 500, and the number of simultaneously receiving services from the centers to 10. Of the e-exam centers, in 710, 2018 cities in 81 provinces, 14 district centers and 95 centers [more…]

XNUMX in Iskur mediated the settlement

İŞKUR Mediates for 2020 Thousand Jobs in 869

Stating that despite the negative effects of the pandemic, they carried out important works in 2020 to protect and increase employment, Minister Selçuk said that İŞKUR mediated the placement of 2020 thousand jobs in 869. Minister Selçuk, 834 thousand of job placements are in the private sector [more…]

announces ford year trend report

Ford Announces 2021 Year Trend Report

How will the changing behaviors with the pandemic affect the upcoming period? • Ford's 2021 Trend Report highlights the ways people cope with problems around the world and their power to adapt to change. The survey, covering 14 countries, [more…]

A Mysterious Disease Permeable Bowel Syndrome

A Mysterious Disease: Leaky Bowel Syndrome

Explaining that leaky bowel syndrome, which has been mentioned frequently recently, is shown as one of the biggest underlying causes of autoimmune diseases. Dyt. Exp. Clinic Psk. Merve Öz emphasized unnecessary nutritional mistakes, including stress, antibiotics, and antidepressants. [more…]

Take ultra wide shots

Shoot Ultra Wide Angle with HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

For years, the world's most innovative camera technologies have been used frequently on smartphones, allowing consumers to obtain professional looking photos using increasingly advanced mobile devices. However, in recent years, the top of the smartphone industry [more…]

annealing will also neutralize carbon emissions
06 Ankara

TAV to Neutralize Carbon Emissions in 2030

Groupe ADP, the world's largest airport operations platform, of which TAV Airports is also a part, announced its goals for a sustainable future. TAV Airports supports 23 airports in the Groupe ADP network for environmental protection and support for social development. [more…]

gin will complete its third plane ship this year
86 China

China to Complete Its Third Aircraft Carrier This Year

The Global Times newspaper published the news that China's third aircraft carrier will be ready in 2021. Satellite photographs of a new Chinese aircraft carrier at the Jiangnan Changxing shipyards were published on the WeChat account of the "Ordnance Industry Science Technology" magazine. China's English [more…]

Coronavirus warning to diabetic patients

Coronavirus Warning to Diabetes Patients

Istanbul Okan University Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yusuf Aydın said, “Diabetes spreads like an epidemic in the world and our country. In studies conducted in our society, it has been determined that there is 15 percent diabetes. In addition to these [more…]