Citizens over age started to hang in their homes

Citizens Over 90 Started Vaccinated at Home

Health Minister Dr. Following Fahrettin Koca's statement that citizens over the age of 90 will be vaccinated, along with nursing homes, disabled and nursing homes, vaccination studies have started in 81 provinces this morning. Statement from the Ministry of Health [more…]

elmali bus terminal counts days for emergency
07 Antalya

Elmalı Bus Terminal is Counting Days for Opening

Durmuş Ali Arslan, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the Elmalı Bus Terminal Project, the construction of which was completed by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, and the Mayor of the new bus station. Muhittin Böcekin accordance with the instructions of [more…]

Rebellion period has begun in the darulace
34 Istanbul

Vaccination Period Starts in Darülaceze

The vaccine developed against Covid-19 officially started to be implemented in Turkey as of January 14. According to the determined calendar, the 2nd stage was started. In the vaccination calendar, which includes those staying in nursing homes; Aged guests of IMM staying at Darülaceze [more…]

electric scooters are legally regulated

Electric Scooters Have Been Regulated!

A legal arrangement was made for the sharing services of electric scooters used in many regions of Turkey. Hunting. Burcu Kırçıl, regarding electric scooters that are in demand today, said that vehicle drivers and scooter users are in line with the new law. [more…]

Series viewing habits changed during the pandemic process

Watching Habits Changed During Pandemic Period

Üsküdar University Department of Sociology carried out a comprehensive research on the television watching habits and daily life practices of university youth during the pandemic process. 73 different states and foundations in 146 cities of Turkey were included in the research. [more…]