Turkey Target 1 Million Tons of Cargo in Iran a year Railway Transport

iran turkey rail million tons per year target TRANSPORT load
iran turkey rail million tons per year target TRANSPORT load

Iran and Turkey to remove transport 2021 million tons in 1 was reported to be taken every precaution. It was noted that cooperation will be made with the country's railways on the route for the necessary infrastructure, competitive tariffs and appropriate transit times in order to transport cargo to China via Iran using the southern part of the Silk Road.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, has announced that representatives of the Turkey-Iran railway history in the 12 to 13 January 2021 met in Ankara. The ministry memorandum of understanding to launch a new era in rail transport will pass in transit between Turkey and Iran, he gave information of signature.

Goal 1 million tons of cargo a year Railway Transportation to move Iran in Turkey

Despite the outbreak conditions between Turkey and Iran daily 3 trains operated in 2020 564 thousand tons of cargo is transported hatırlatılırken, the increase in freight transport, especially the 50 wagons with a capacity of two ferries serving on Lake Van was highlighted as having a major impact. In the increasing trend of Iran-Turkey transport for the removal of 2021 million tons in 1 it was reported to be taken every precaution.

A New Alternative Corridor Will Be Created For Our Trade

The decision to charge the scheduled trains between Turkey Pakistan getting regular freight trains will run on this route, in order to provide sustainable and recorded to advance quickly. The Ministry of establishing remuneration relating to transport tariffs, mutual trains will be operated between Turkey-Iran-Pakistan drew attention to the transition to the common tariff union.

Railway Shipments to Afghanistan to Begin

It was pointed out that with Pakistan, it will start shipping over the Iran-Afghanistan railway connection. The Ministry, after the opening service on December 10, 2020 the completion of the rail link between Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey to Iran through transit of a wagon loaded Afghanistan, he said of going up to become possible.

between Turkey and Iran in the coming months and coming together with the railway administrations of Afghanistan, Turkey-Afghanistan road map for implementation of railway transport was expressed to be determined.

For important cargo potential in from China to Turkey and Europe, or vice versa direction drawn attention to the creation of a new corridor through Iran, Silk using the southern part of the way China over Iran 'to load the necessary infrastructure with the countries railways on the route to be moved, competitive It was noted that cooperation would be made for the tariff and appropriate transit times.

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