Adana Mersin Train Hours and Ticket Deals
01 Adana

TCDD Adana Mersin Train Last Time

Adana Mersin Train Hours and Ticket Prices 2019: Adana is the most used line of State Railways between Mersin. Travel Time It takes approximately 45 minutes. Without noticing the summer and winter season, Adana Mersin Flights are at 6:00 in the morning [more…]

public transport soforlar met in adventure park
54 Sakarya

Public Transportation Drivers Meet at Adventure Park

Public Transport Drivers Meet at Adventure Park; Motivation activities for public transport bus drivers were organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Public Transport Branch Directorate. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, by the Public Transport Branch Directorate. [more…]

turkish company makes the ceilings of the dubai subway
971 United Arab Emirates

Turkish Company Makes Ceilings of Dubai Metro

Turkish company Bütem Metal, which made the ceilings of Istanbul Airport, is now working on the ceilings of the Dubai Metro. Producing Lighting, Suspended Ceiling and Solar Energy Systems, Bütem Metal put Africa under the spotlight for the next year. In this area [more…]

free cable car gospel to teachers
16 Bursa

Free Cable Car Good News to Teachers in Bursa!

Free Cable Car Good News to Teachers in Bursa !; Providing alternative transportation between Uludağ and the city center, Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. will provide free transportation to a student to be brought with a teacher on November 24-19 due to "November 25 Teachers' Day". 140 [more…]

istrem metrobus ekrem imamoglu tested
34 Istanbul

Here is the new Metrobus ..! Ekrem İmamoğlu Tested

Here's the New Metrobus ..! Ekrem İmamoğlu Tested; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu participated in the test drive of the locally produced metrobus vehicle. Having traveled 29 stops, İmamoğlu said about the locally produced vehicle they were considering purchasing, “The existing vehicles were a bit old. [more…]

atabari ski resort preparing for winter season
08 Artvin

Atabarı Ski Center Preparing for Winter Season

Atabar take place between the path of Turkey's most important ski resort Ski Center is preparing for the winter season. Artvin Governor Yılmaz Doruk at the Atabarı Ski Center built in 2 on Mersivan Mountain at an altitude of approximately 200 thousand 2009 meters by the Artvin Governorship. [more…]

ibb train driver will make personnel purchases
34 Istanbul

İBB Train Driver Will Make Personnel Recruitment!

IMM Train Driver Will Recruit Personnel !; New job postings have been published by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the IMM Career page for job seekers. One of the personnel recruitment advertisements that everyone follows with curiosity is the train driver recruitment. [more…]

34 Istanbul

ISAF 2020 Prepares for Surprise Developments

ISAF 2020 is Preparing with Surprise Developments; A few steps ahead of the sector, ISAF 2020 is preparing with great surprises for all participants and visitors who want to follow the developments. ISAF Exhibition, which will be held for the 8th time on 11-2020 October 24 [more…]

Improvements in transportation services for disabled people
06 Ankara

Improvements in Transport Services for Disabled People

Improvements are Made in the Transportation Services of the Disabled; Minister Turhan, in the second step of the "Let's Listen to Our Children, Change Their Lives Project" realized within the scope of the goal of "unimpeded transportation, unimpeded tourism, life without barriers", 20 individuals with special needs are sent off to Eskişehir by high speed train (YHT). [more…]

ulasimpark autism patients forehead dream come true
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark, Autism Patient Ali's Dream Realized

TransportationPark Realized the Dream of Ali, an Autism Patient; TransportationPark A.Ş., one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. , 22-year-old autism patient Ali's dream of becoming a driver. TransportationPark first took Ali from his home by bus and brought him to the bus garage on Plajyolu. From the bus [more…]