romania turk prefers rail system brands
06 Ankara

Romania Prefers Turkish Rail System Brands

After the domestic buses recently exported to Romania, Turkish companies have now started to export rail system vehicles to Romania. Durmazlar ve Bozankaya Received large rail system orders in Romania. More than 130 trams to Bucharest, Lashi and Timişoara [more…]

iettnin innovation site
34 Istanbul

IETT's Innovation Site from Istanbul

"Feeding chairs should be put on buses", "Handles that do not hold bacteria can be developed", "EDS devices should be installed in front of buses, automatic fines should be imposed for violations"… These suggestions came from you. We have compiled interesting suggestions from Istanbul residents on IETT's innovation site ( IETT corporate Twitter account from @ietttr [more…]

erciyeste artificial snow production for the new season has begun
38 Kayseri

Artificial Snow Production Started for New Season in Erciyes

Snowing activities started at night in Erciyes when the weather conditions were good. Erciyes Inc. Its 154 artificial snowing machines produce 65 cubic meters of profit per hour. New season in Erciyes, which has become one of the world's leading ski centers with the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

modern cetin emec ust gate was opened to citizens
41 Kocaeli

Modern Çetin Emeç Overpass Opened to Citizen Use

Modern Çetin Emeç Overpass Opened to Citizens; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which enables pedestrians to move comfortably in traffic as well as vehicles, brought a new and modern pedestrian overpass to the city. Located in the Yenidogan neighborhood of Izmit district [more…]

Kardemire R & D Center Certificate
78 Karabuk

KARDEMİR Has Been Awarded 'R&D Center Certificate'

Karabük Demir Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (KARDEMİR) Received its R&D Center Certificate at the R&D Centers Award Ceremony Organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry of Industry and Technology Research for the General Directorate of R&D Incentives, KARDEMİR R&D Center [more…]

high speed internet comes to trains in Russia
7 Russia

High Speed ​​Internet Comes to Trains in Russia

High Speed ​​Internet Coming to Trains in Russia; The Russian National Technology Initiative (NTI) plans to equip Russian trains and planes with high-speed internet. According to the news in Sputniknews; “In the statement made by the Russian National Technology Initiative press service, the wireless system [more…]

derbent halki wants the ropeway project to be completed
41 Kocaeli

The people of Derbent want the completion of the ropeway project

The people of Derbent want the ropeway project, whose construction was stopped for economic reasons, to be tendered again. Muhtar Erdal Baş called out to the authorities for the completion of the project. According to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from Özgür Kocaeli; “Kartepe Derbent Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş, the 50-year old [more…]

omsana atlas logistics awards
34 Istanbul

OMSAN Receives 3 Award from Atlas Logistics Awards

3 Awards to OMSAN from Atlas Logistics Awards; OMSAN Logistics won 10 Atlas Awards in the categories of International Logistics Operators, International Maritime Transport Companies and Railway Transport Companies at the 3 Atlas Logistics Awards this year. OMSAN, one of OYAK companies [more…]

construction of certain sections of samsun bafra road and samsun surrounding road

Construction of Certain Parts of Samsun Bafra Road and Samsun Ring Road

Samsun Bafra Road (KM: 8 + 731- (35 + 377G / 30 + 300İ) - (46 + 312G / 47 + 550İ) -51 + 946) Samsun Ring Road (between KM: 0 + 000 - 9 + 400) Samsun Bafra Road (KM: 2019 + 534833- (130.225.714,37 + 8G / 731 + 35İ) with an approximate cost of 377 TL of the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) 30/300) - (46 + 312G / 47) + 550İ) between -51 + 946) Samsun Environment [more…]

Istanbul Beus System
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Ready for Winter with BEUS System

In order to prevent life from interrupting in Istanbul, 6 personnel and 882 vehicles will serve. 373 critical points of the city will be continuously monitored with the BEUS system, and accidents will be prevented by taking precautions before icing. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), bad weather [more…]

Baskentray Stations and Timetables
06 Ankara

Başkentray Stations and Timetables - Current 2020

Commuter Stations and BAŞKENTRAY BAŞKENTRAY BAŞKENTRAY System Map Current 2020: BAŞKENTRAY is a commuter train system that serves the capital of Turkey in Ankara. There are twenty-eight stations on the 36-kilometer line between Sincan district and Mamak's Kayaş district. [more…]