travel time on ankara istanbul yht line will be shortened
06 Ankara

Travel Time Will Be Shortened in Ankara Istanbul YHT Line

Travel Time Will Be Shortened On The Ankara Istanbul YHT Line; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that the first stage of Doğançay ripage will be put into service at the end of next year, which will shorten the transportation time with high speed train (YHT) on the Ankara-Istanbul line, [more…]

Cag Atliyor in Ankara Transportation
06 Ankara

Ankara Ages in Transportation

Ankara is Jumping in the Ages in Transportation; At the "Ankara Transportation Workshop" hosted by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, the future transportation policies of the capital were discussed. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow workshops, opening and closing his speech, Turkey's [more…]

kayseri ulasim as den saplings more
38 Kayseri

500 More Saplings From Kayseri Transportation Inc.

500 More Saplings From Kayseri Transportation Inc .; Transportation Inc. of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. He planted 500 saplings in Sarımsaklı Dam, adding a new one to his traditional sapling planting activities. Transportation Inc. of the Metropolitan Municipality. traditionally brought by [more…]

bursa will be the fastest train station
16 Bursa

Bursa's 4 High Speed ​​Train Station

Bursa will be 4 High Speed ​​Train Stations; Bursa's name is a fast, slow train project, according to the announced construction tender, it will have 2 stations, not 4. Yüksel high speed train project… Its construction did not continue as planned. Three years ago… We were going to start traveling. In the middle… from the end [more…]

tulomsas old lawful worker will get
26 Eskisehir

TULOMSAS 1 Former Convict Worker Will Receive

TÜLOMSAŞ 1 Former Convicted Worker Receivable; Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation General Directorate (TULOMSAS), a new recruitment announcement was published on the Official Gazette. In the announcement published, 1 permanent worker will be recruited without the condition of KPSS [more…]

tcdd bunyesi officer staff was given
06 Ankara

XCDUM Officer Staff was given to TCDD

22 Civil Servants were Assigned to TCDD; As a result of the information published in the Official Gazette, it was announced that 22 civil servants were assigned to TCDD and some positions in the provincial organization were canceled. In the Official Gazette published on 6 November 2019, some public [more…]

Anatolian Baghdad Railway

Today in History: 25 November 1899 Ottoman Ministers

Today in History 25 November 1899 After 10 hours of negotiations, the Ottoman Council of Ministers approved the Anatolia-Baghdad Railway Agreement. According to this; The German-owned Anatolian Railway Company was undertaking the railway construction from Konya to Baghdad and Basra in 8 years. Your line [more…]