travelexpo ankara tourism fair november
06 Ankara

TravelExpo 4. Ankara Tourism Fair 14-17 November 2019

Ankara makes up for years. Service providers and clients will meet face to face, without intermediaries, and create travel plans. You will be able to access all options related to holiday and travel at the TravelExpo Ankara fair ... '4.TRAVELEXPO' organized by our company ATİS Fuarcılık [more…]

suburban trains made available for bicycle transport
06 Ankara

Make Commuter Trains Suitable for Bike Transport

Make Commuter Trains Suitable for Bicycle Transport; A citizen who applied to the Ombudsman Institution (Ombudsman Institution) said that the use of bicycles is a part of modern life understanding and is encouraged by the state for a healthy environment in many countries. KDK, [more…]

istanbul metro map and stops
34 Istanbul

Detailed Istanbul Metro Map

Istanbul Metro and Metrobus Lines Metrobus Stations Metro Station Names: Istanbul Metro and Metrobus Lines (Current), Beylikdüzü Metrobus, Rail System, Aksaray Airport line, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro and Metrobus stops, Istanbul metro line plans [more…]

world championship for the hearing impaired ended
27 Gaziantep

World Hearing Impaired Cycling Championship Ends

Gaziantep Governor's Office in coordination, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department was completed with the Presidency of Turkey, held in cooperation with the World Deaf Sports Federation of the Deaf Cycling Championships 36 and 72 kilometer points race. 36 kilometers in women [more…]

Mutlu Sehir Kocaeli Signed Buses
41 Kocaeli

Buses with Happy Signs in Kocaeli

Following the Kartepe Summit, which was completed for the third time with the theme of "Urbanism and Happy City" recently, "Happy City Kocaeli" signs on the transportation vehicles of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality drew attention. The text 'Happy City Kocaeli' seen by citizens on the signs of the buses is also [more…]

derinceye travel cards office set up
41 Kocaeli

Travel Cards Office is Established in Derince

Travel Cards Office is Established in Derince; The scope of services offered to citizens by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department continues to expand. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, Derince and the increasing population density in the region, "Travel Cards Office" [more…]