Cleaning Workers in İZBAN Sacked in Tender Process

izbanda cleaning workers who work in the tender process was removed from the request
izbanda cleaning workers who work in the tender process was removed from the request

Cleaning Workers in İZBAN were Fired in the Tender Process; In İZBAN AŞ, which carried out the new tender process, the company named Yeni Vizyon, who received the tender, dismissed the 6 worker who was working in the cleaning works. Fired worker Ecevit Özışık, said that the legal process has started.

According to Dilek Omaklılar from Evrensel; Işçi Ecevit Özışık, a member of DİSK's Genel-İş 7 Branch, explained his experience as follows: “I have been working at 8 for a year and a half in İZBAN. 'The new tender company 21 won the monthly tender, said it did not want to work with you,' he said. The reason was that I was retired recently. 6 months before my retirement, they said 'first you were retired', then 'close to retirement'. There are other 3 people besides me. I heard that the new company officials who took the tender didn't want anybody. IZBAN is a bit harder to keep the chefs. ”


Stating that 200 workers are working in cleaning works in İZBAN AŞ, Özışık said, en When we were there, half of the stations did not exist; Big IZBAN company, can't you retire me? I gave you my years, what money you made. They know how to throw air, 3 visits a station once a month and says it's clean. We have worked for this station, but the workers have no value. ”

YOUNG: They don't want workers to be unionized

General-Is 7 Branch Chairman Ozgur Young No Izmir IZBAN AS IZBAN AS and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality jointly recalled, IZBAN board of directors for a period in IZBAN AS, he said that a period of IMM. Young, “The workers here are still working as subcontractors. Friends in both security and cleanliness are condemned to the subcontractor system. Working conditions are also quite poor. The incoming company also brings its own employees, and during this period they chose to dismiss workers close to retirement. For a long time, we had meetings as a union, which was also held by our headquarters, at least to be covered by collective bargaining. However, IZBAN AS did not give us the necessary documents, not only to us, but also to other unions. Because he does not want the workers there to be unionized, he is afraid of the organized power of the workers. The situation of the workers working in İZBAN AŞ is really troublesome, conditions should be improved regardless of the union and occupational health and safety should be given importance.

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