map of iran railways
98 Iran

Iran Railways Map

The first permanent railway was opened in 1888 between Tehran and the temple of Shah-Abdol-Azim in Rey. The 800km line, built on 9mm gauge, was mostly intended for pilgrims use, although several quarry branches were added later. Finally the horse is drawn, then steam [more…]

the world's breathtaking cycling championship breathtaking
27 Gaziantep

World Hearing Impaired Cycling Championship Breaths!

In coordination with the Governorate of Gaziantep, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Presidency to Turkey Deaf Sports in the Federation of cooperation that xnumx'ünc held for the first time in Turkey World Deaf The second day of Cycling Championships, was the scene of tough competition [more…]

derbent station emergency postponed again
41 Kocaeli

Derbent Station Opening Postponed Again

While the historical Derbent Train Station is planned to open at the end of October, this time the opening is in December, according to the news of Oğuzhan Aktaş from Kocaeli Barış Newspaper; “The Historical Derbent Train Station in Kartepe was constructed by the General Directorate of State Railways in Köseköy- [more…]

afyonkarahisarli minis learn railways
03 Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisarlı Tiny Learns Railways

TCDD 7th Regional Directorate Station, Museum, Station site visits and travel requests from the School Directorates in Afyonkarahisar for a short train ride on the Müselles line are carried out on weekdays within the protocol made with the Directorate of National Education. School participating in the trip [more…]

fire broke out on a passenger train in Pakistan
92 Pakistan

65 dead in a passenger train in Pakistan

A Fire Started in a Passenger Train in Pakistan ..! 65 died; Three wagons caught fire on the passenger train from Karachi, Pakistan to Lahore. At least 65 people died in the fire that broke out. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Minister of Railways of Pakistan, in a statement, [more…]

we support samsun steep project to the end
55 Samsun

We Support Samsun Sarp Railway Project Until The End

Ahmet Ekmekçi, President of Terme Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the Samsun Sarp Railway project is very important and said, "We support this project to the end for the development of the region," said that it is of great importance for the economic development of the Black Sea. [more…]

mobile office caravan going to Kandira
41 Kocaeli

Mobile Office Caravan Goes to Kandira

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department, Mobile Office Caravan, which was launched to meet the increasing demands in the travel cards unit, goes to Kandıra. Mobil Office Caravan will serve citizens in Kandira for 5 days. FOR 5 DAYS [more…]

Istanbul airport metro service will be opened when
34 Istanbul

When will Istanbul Airport Metro be put into service?

It has been reported that the Istanbul Airport Metro will be completed in the second half of 2020. H. Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of IGA Airport Operations, made the statement on the subject. Statement about Istanbul Airport metro, which is closely followed by Istanbulites [more…]

black sea railway was the dream of ataturk
52 Army

Railway to the Black Sea was Atatürk's Dream

Technicians Union Ordu Provincial Representative Musa Kıranlı said, "The railway to the Black Sea is Atatürk's dream and it is an unfinished republic project". Musa Kıranlı, Ordu Provincial Representative of the Union of Technicians, made statements about the Samsun Sarp Railway Project. Build on the Black Sea [more…]

yuzbasilar intersection was colorful
41 Kocaeli

Captain's Junction Bridge Becomes Colorful

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not neglect to beautify these areas with landscaping after completing projects such as roads, overpasses and intersections. Park Garden and Green Areas Department completed the green area and colored chips to the projects [more…]

Map of San Paulo Metro
55 Brazil

Map of Sao Paulo Monorail in Brazil

Brazil Sao Paulo Monorail Map: The São Paulo Monorail, the largest monorail system in America, opened in 2014, serves at a commercial operating speed of 80 km / hour in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Driverless vehicles belong to Bombardier [more…]