ulasimpark turside has hosted
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark Hosts TÜRSİD

TransportationPark hosted TÜRSİD; The 15 meeting of the Railway and Line Commissioner of the Association of All Rail Systems Operators (TÜRSİD) was hosted by Ulasim Park A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

traffic sign
07 Antalya

Traffic Sign Study in Alanya

Traffic Sign Study in Alanya; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Service Unit traffic sign team installed 102 traffic sign at different points in 700 neighborhood of Alanya. Greater Municipality of Antalya [more…]

Contact Ali directly
06 Ankara

Hello to the Iron Silk Road

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun's article titled “Hello to Demir İpek Yolu” was published in the November issue of Raillife magazine. HERE IS THE LETTER OF TCDD GENERAL MANAGER UYGUN November [more…]

cahit turhan
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Continues to Grow

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, published an article titled “Istanbul Airport Continues to Grow ısında in the November issue of Raillife magazine. LETTER THAT THE MINISTER Turhan in Turkey [more…]

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