urban rail system projects
06 Ankara

Urban Rail System Projects

Urban Rail System Projects; The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has been supporting the local administrations in order to expand the urban rail systems in our country. [more…]

World's Fastest Train
27 South Africa

Record-breaking World's Unique 5 Train

Trains, one of the oldest public transportation vehicles in the world, have been in our lives for centuries. With the developing technology, developing and changing trains both in terms of freight and passenger transportation. [more…]

threat to the public resisting the sapanca ropeway project
54 Sakarya

Public Threat Against Sapanca Ropeway Project

The Threat to the People Resisting the Sapanca Cable Car Project 'We'll Get You In Your Mind'; In the Kırkpınar District of Sapanca, security guards threatened to "blow your head" to the people who resisted against the cutting of trees in the ropeway project. Of Sapanca [more…]

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