TCDD Adana Mersin Train Last Time

Adana Mersin Train Hours and Ticket Deals
Adana Mersin Train Hours and Ticket Deals

Adana Mersin Train Hours and Ticket Prices 2019: Adana is the most used line of State Railways between Mersin. Travel Time It takes approximately 45 minutes. Without noticing the summer and winter season, Adana Mersin Flights start at 6:00 in the morning and continue until 23:15. The last time between Mersin and Adana is the train night PM22:30 in Turkey.

11 train station located even on day mutual 28 train service It is made. Adana Mersin Train tickets are not available on the internet or on a future date. Therefore, you can obtain your ticket from the train stations on the day of travel. It would be advantageous to be at the station about 15 minutes before the train times, even with extreme intensity. Adana Mersin Raybüs flights is serving between Adana at intermediate stops.

Adana Mersin Train Line Route

Adana Mersin How long does the Adana Regional Train last?

The train ride from Adana to Mersin takes approximately 1 hours and 10 minutes. These trains operate every day between Adana and Mersin.

Adana Mersin Railway Line Train Stations

  1. Adana
  2. Şakirpaşa
  3. Martyrdom
  4. olive
  5. Newish
  6. Tarsus
  7. Huzurkent
  8. Tashkent
  9. Karacailyas
  10. Tırmıl
  11. Mersin

Adana Mersin Flight Schedules 2019

MYRTLE Tırmıl Karacailyas Tashkent Huzurkent TARSUS (Arrival) TARSUS (Departure) YENCE (Arrival) YENİCE (Departure) Martyrdom Şakirpaşa ADANA
PM05:45 PM06:11 PM06:12 PM06:26 PM06:28 PM06:48
PM06:10 x PM06:37 PM06:38 PM06:52 PM06:54 x x PM07:17
PM06:30 x x x x PM07:03 PM07:04 PM07:20 PM07:22 x x PM07:48
07.00 * x x x x PM07:31 PM07:32 PM07:46 PM07:48 x x PM08:11
PM07:30 PM07:56 PM07:57 PM08:11 PM08:13 x PM08:35
PM08:05 x PM08:33 PM08:34 PM08:48 PM08:50 x x PM09:13
PM08:30 x PM08:57 PM08:58 PM09:12 PM09:14 x x PM09:37
PM09:10 x x x x PM09:41 PM09:42 PM09:56 PM09:58 x x PM10:21
PM09:50 x PM10:17 PM10:18 PM10:32 PM10:34 x x PM10:57
PM10:35 x x x x PM11:06 PM11:07 PM11:21 PM11:23 x x PM11:46
PM11:15 x PM11:42 PM11:43 PM11:57 PM11:59 x x PM12:22
PM12:15 x x x x PM12:46 PM12:47 PM13:01 PM13:03 x x PM13:26
PM13:00 x PM13:27 PM13:28 PM13:42 PM13:44 x x PM14:07
PM13:50 x PM14:17 PM14:18 PM14:32 PM14:34 x x PM14:57
PM14:30 x x x x PM15:01 PM15:02 PM15:16 PM15:18 x x PM15:41
PM15:10 x PM15:37 PM15:38 PM15:52 PM15:54 x x PM16:17
15,30 x x x PM16:02 PM16:04 PM16:20 PM16:21 x x PM16:47
PM16:25 x x x x PM16:56 PM16:57 PM17:11 PM17:13 x x PM17:36
PM17:05 x PM17:32 PM17:33 PM17:47 PM17:49 x x PM18:12
PM17:20 x x x x PM17:53 PM18:18 PM18:10 PM18:12 x x PM18:38
PM17:50 x PM18:17 PM19:07 PM18:32 PM18:34 x x PM18:57
PM18:40 PM19:06 PM19:53 PM19:21 PM19:23 x PM19:45
PM19:25 x PM19:52 PM20:32 PM20:07 PM20:09 x x PM20:32
PM20:00 x x x x PM20:31 PM21:08 PM20:46 PM20:48 x x PM21:11
PM20:40 PM21:07 PM21:58 PM21:23 PM21:25 x PM21:47
PM21:30 x PM21:57 PM21:58 PM22:12 PM22:14 x x PM22:37
PM22:30 x x x x PM23:01 PM23:02 PM23:16 PM23:18 x x PM23:41

Mersin Adana Watches 2019

Adana Mersin Train Hours
Adana Mersin Train Hours

Adana Special Offers

  • Adana Mersin 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 7.5 tbsp Student: 6.25 TL Return Ticket: 12 TL
  • Adana Tarsus 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 5.5 tbsp Student: 4.5 TL Return Ticket: 9 TL
  • Adana Yenice 2019 Ticket Prices: Full: 4 tbsp Student: 3 TL Return Ticket: 6 TL
  • Adana Mersin 2019 Subscription (Monthly): Full: 150 tbsp Student: 120 tbsp


Train station box office phone numbers and opening hours.


Wire: 0322 453 31 72 (05.30-21.30)


Tel: 0324 231 12 67 (05.30 - 21.30)



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