canal istanbul tender will be held when
34 Istanbul

When Will Istanbul Channel Be Tender?

Channel Istanbul Tender When? Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission of the presenters on Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, thanks to the investments made in aviation and regulations in Turkey, above the world average [more…]

road transport quality improves
06 Ankara

Improving Road Transport Quality

Improves Road Transport Quality; Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission of the presenters at the Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan, the EU average in the next year in Turkey, which 20 480 car / 1000-seater car ownership level [more…]

transport investments are essential, not luxury
06 Ankara

Transportation Investments Not Essential

Transportation Investments Not Essential; Minister Turhan made a presentation at the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, where the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 2020 budget was discussed, and the transportation and communication investments and works were not luxurious. [more…]

air quality measurement in istanbul subways
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Air Quality Measurement in Istanbul Metro

Air Quality Measurement in Istanbul Metro; Air quality measurement was performed in Istanbul's subways. The results are below the limit values. Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), operates Kirazli - Basaksehir. [more…]