Belt Road in Turkey, covering the MU the Russian route?

Rusyn route on the door for us on the road generation Does turkey
Rusyn route on the door for us on the road generation Does turkey

Belt Road in Turkey, Russia's route to the door MI ?; Belt Road Project within the scope of China's first freight train to Europe continues to go out echoes of Turkey. Central Corridor namely Turkey, China - cuts the distance between Europe. So is Turkey, did take advantage of routes from Russia's hands

Within the scope of the Belt Road Project from China, freight trains, which took the road of Europe, became one of the issues that closely related to regional politics. It is possible to transport goods produced in China faster than air travel and faster than sea travel. For this reason, the Beijing administration is investing billions of dollars in train lines from all over the world. The trains leaving China have already begun to travel to Europe via Russia after crossing Central Asia. However, after passing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line, the train shifted to Ankara and then to Europe via Istanbul. With the use of the Marmaray Tunnel "Turkey, is grabbing the route of Russia?" Questions began to be asked more often. Before Marmaray, freight trains used Istanbul again. However, the ship's journey, which caused the distribution of the cargoes, came into play. Now the aspiring middle of this situation and China - the distance between Europe 18 days inince Turkey's hand has been strengthened with the Marmaray can say.


Review sites in the news Nikkie Asian routes also discussed Russia and Turkey. Istanbul Koc University faculty member Dr.. Ay China does not want to put all eggs in the basket of Russia. 'This new route will take place in Russia' can not say. However, China will diversify and strengthen the hand of China's relations with Turkey, will be an alternative to Russian routes "he was quoted as saying. Speaking to Nikkie Asian Review, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said that they expect 2023 million tons of annual cargo transportation after 5 via the new Istanbul route.


According to the analysis of Turkey, land, sea, air and rail links and geographical location in terms more advantageous according to the environment as well as climate. But it is clear that Turkey's Central Corridor of China also offers much more frequently now spoken. Again according to the comments will become even more important for China to Turkey in the coming period.

Let's take a look at the developments about freight trains between China and Europe so far;


The Generation Road announced at 2013 is rapidly being implemented. The trade between China and the 68 country, which approved the Generation Road, between January and October of this year exceeded 950 billion dollars. As of the end of October, it was announced that nearly one thousand 20 freight trains took place between China and Europe.


Flights from Xi'an to Prague began. The route is as follows; Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This route was first realized in recent days. Thanks to Marmaray, 18 has come down from China to Europe.


14, the first train journey from Yiwu, China to Europe, started at November 2014. There are now freight trains from Yiwu to the 11 point all over Europe. Moreover, these trains do not return empty from the countries they go to. There are flights from Yiwu, China, which is regarded as the world's supermarket, to Liege, Belgium (20 days), to England (22 days), and to Kouvola, Finland (17 days).


After the arrival of freight trains to Europe, eHub, owned by Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba, will come into play. Products sent from Yiwu will be sent to other European cities via eHub. (Çinhab is)

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