Strict Follow-up to Anti-Snow on Railways, Airports and Highways

railways airports and highways in the fight against snow
railways airports and highways in the fight against snow

Strict Follow-up to Anti-Snow in Railways, Airports and Highways; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, General Directorate of Highways (KGM) opened in the Snow-Fighting Center 68 thousand 254 kilometers of road network camera and information systems 7 day 24 hours of instant monitoring was reported.

Minister Turhan, gave information about the efforts to combat snow.

During the winter season, citizens make a safe and comfortable journey across the country, snow and ice-fighting efforts are made about Turhan, the importance of roads, physical status, according to traffic volume each year, "Winter Program Map" was prepared, shared with the Gendarmerie and Security units, he said.

Turhan, 9 bin 735 work machine 5 bin 750'nin vehicle tracking system, 250'nin also stated that the camera, takip Vehicle tracking system in the event of a breakdown during the snow-fighting work machines are intervened immediately, reinforcement team is sent. 68 thousand 254 kilometers of road network, camera and information systems are being monitored on 7 day 24 hour instantaneously in the Snow Fighting Center opened by the General Directorate of Highways. 432 thousand 12 personnel from the 146 headquarters will serve this year as part of the fight against snow. ”

Turhan emphasized that if the drivers do not act in accordance with the seasonal conditions, the roads will be closed, warning that the traffic rules should be observed in order not to experience similar problems.

”Alo 159 line provides free service at 7 / 24“

Minister Turhan, information about highways "Alo 159" line 7 day 24 hour service is expressed.

In order to prevent vehicles from slipping on the roads, Turhan transfers approximately 419 thousand 757 tons of salt, 371 thousand 148 cubic meters of salt aggregate (mixture of sand and gravel), 4 thousand 12 tons of chemical solvent and 100 tons of urea are stored. .

Turhan, the traffic flow is intense with the Bolu Mountain Tunnel and 15 July Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, thanks to fixed cameras, said they watched live from the center.

Amalı You should not insist on entering the closed road ”

Pointing out the importance of installing winter tires on vehicles, Turhan emphasized the need to be sensitive about the seat belt.

Turhan pointed out that information about the road and the weather on the route should be taken before traveling in winter and said:

“The vehicle must be equipped with chains, tow ropes and wedges. In case of negative situations, fuel should be kept full of vehicles, spare food and clothing suitable for winter conditions should be available. Caution should be exercised against sudden landslides and collapses in areas with heavy rainfall. Kesim There should not be insistence to enter the road in the road sections closed due to adverse weather conditions, the owners of trapped vehicles should not leave the lane and help the officers. ”

Minister Turhan, snow-fighting vehicles, because of the type of closing or sliding off the road to reach vehicles, especially the drivers should leave the left lane, stating that, "When combat vehicles should not be approached too much and overtaking should not be forgotten, the road sprinkled salt or aggregate may damage the vehicle." used the phrase.

Turhan pointed out that the speed of the vehicles should be adjusted according to the load, visibility, road and weather, increasing the vehicle tracking distance of the drivers, complying with traffic signs and pointers, not making lane violation and icing, and demanding to be more cautious and careful. Taking into consideration the weather, road, vehicle and psychological conditions, Turhan suggested not leaving the road tired and sleepless, underlining the avoidance of distracting behaviors such as meeting with the mobile phone at the wheel and smoking, and observing the warnings of the officials.

”Airports are also ready for winter“

Turhan emphasized that the preparations at the airports are continuing at full speed and said, X 304 special purpose vehicles will be used within the scope of snow-fighting services at the airports. We will also serve about 700 staff trained and experienced in snow fighting services. There are a thousand 730 tons of 'de-icing' liquid material at the airports to be used in snow-fighting services. Bulundu

Minister Turhan, Istanbul Airport, 26 towed type combined snow combat, 15 compact type combined snow combat, 8 snow spray (rotary), 28 snow plow and "de-icing" liquid spreader vehicle will serve here, he said. In addition, the 18 aircraft and under the bridge "FOD" and snow removal vehicle and 3 runway braking device that expresses the Turhan, airport operator IGA 900 ton "de-icing" liquid material has been ordered.

Turhan stated that the fight against snow at Atatürk Airport was carried out with 19 special purpose vehicles and approximately 100 State Airports Authority (DHMİ) personnel and that the X de-icing ”liquid material was kept ready at the 205 tons.

“YHT sets, diesel locomotives and train series will be available”

Turhan also stated that all personnel will be vigilant on the basis of 24 hour to keep the railway lines open in winter and said, kar Snow plows and the team will be kept ready in Konya for high speed railway line where heavy winter conditions prevail. If necessary, the speed of high-speed trains will be reduced. ”

Turhan, high-speed train operations in the face of possible negative YHT sets, diesel locomotives and train arrays will be made available, he said.

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