hakkari ski resort is preparing ambitious for the new season
30 Hakkari

Hakkari Ski Center is Preparing for the New Season

Hakkari Ski Center is Preparing Ambitiously for the New Season; Hakkari Governor and Deputy Mayor İdris Aknıyık made examinations in the area of ​​the chairlift and track, the construction of which has been completed, at the Merga Butan Ski Center at an altitude of 2.500. Governor Akbiyik, the ski he visited [more…]

From the orbital teachers to the cable car opposite house and adventure park discount tidings
52 Army

Good News of Discounts for Teachers from ORBEL

Good News of Discount for Teachers from ORBEL ORBEL A.Ş., an affiliate of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. He stated that there will be a 24% discount at the Cable Car Facility, Ters House and Adventure Park due to the 50 November Teachers' Day. 24 PERCENT DISCOUNT ON NOVEMBER 50, from time to time [more…]

airport quality concrete road was built to the plateaus
61 Trabzon

Airport Quality Concrete Road was Built in Trabzon

Airport Quality Concrete Road Has Been Built to Plateaus in Trabzon; Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues its works within the scope of the Yesilyol Project, which aims to connect the plateaus of the Eastern Black Sea. Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department on Erikbeli-Kadırga Yayla Road, [more…]

tourist-friendly taxi training started in kayseride
38 Kayseri

Tourist-Friendly Taxi Training Starts in Kayseri

Erciyes A.Ş., an affiliate of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. 'Tourist Friendly Taxi' training program started within the framework of the protocol signed between the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and the Chamber of Drivers, Erciyes A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Provincial Culture with [more…]

sinop city center no traffic lights kirsehir light field
40 Kirsehir

Sinop City Center No Traffic Light, Kirsehir Light Field

The signalization system, which cost 30 million within the framework of the "Transportation Master Plan" made during the period of Yaşar Bahçeci in Kırşehir, turned the city into a traffic light field. Superstructure with the "Transportation Master Plan" put into practice in the past years in Kırşehir with a population of 150 thousand, [more…]

egoya new bus to buy
06 Ankara

300 New Bus to EGO

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that they will buy 300 new buses to EGO. Noting that the implementation of the light rail system or metrobus project is difficult due to under-overpasses, Yavaş said, “Taking these difficulties into consideration, it is necessary to provide a modern transportation service. [more…]

What is the expression of dingon
34 Istanbul

What Is The Meaning Of The Stable Of Dingo

Most of us are unaware of the interesting story of the emergence of this rosewood mold. Let's take a time travel to 1800's Istanbul and learn how Dingo's stable phrase settled in our language. While the calendars show September 3, 1872, Istanbulites still [more…]

island express expeditions increased
54 Sakarya

Island Express Expedition Number Increased

Island Express Flight Number Increased Again; It was stated that the number of Ada Express, one of the issues that received the most complaints in recent days, was increased from 4 mutual to 5 mutual. About the flights of the Ada Express Sakarya [more…]

Istanbul airport flight times extended thynin costs doubled
34 Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Extended Flight Costs to Istanbul Airport

Flight Times to Istanbul Airport Extend… THY's Costs Increased; French air traffic system in the experimental stage "Merge Point" has sold to Turkey. The system would shorten the flight times. When the targeted air traffic of 3 thousand a day at Istanbul Airport remained at 200 thousand, the desired efficiency could not be obtained. [more…]

teachers in the area wanted the cable car to be free
07 Antalya

Alanya Teachers Wanted The Cable Car To Be Free

The Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek requested the cable car to be free of charge for the teachers in Alanya, as he made the Tünektepe Cable Car service free of charge as a gift to the teachers working in Antalya on November 24th. Every year, the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

ankara ulasim edited calistayi
06 Ankara

Ankara Transportation Workshop Organized

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality organized an "Ankara Transportation Workshop" in order to create future transportation policies in the field of public transportation, which has an important place in urban life. EGO General Directorate, a high quality, environmentally friendly and visionary transportation policy in Başkent [more…]

the last steam locomotive was somanin
45 Manisa

The Last Steam Locomotive Becomes Soma

Soma Became The Last Steam Locomotive; One of the world's largest steam locomotives, which has been idle for a long time and is on the verge of decay, is being exhibited in the Station Square in Soma, Manisa. Idle in Soma for years 4 [more…]