very special video from istanbul metro
34 Istanbul

Animated Spread Sitting Alert from Metro Istanbul!

A Video from Istanbul Metro Smiling; Metro Istanbul, an affiliate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, shared an animation from its social media account saying that it should not be “spread out ında on public transport. Shared from Metro Istanbul's official Twitter account [more…]

tsiadda gundem trabzon railway
61 Trabzon

Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD

Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD; Trabzon Industrialists and Business People Association's weekly board meeting of Trabzon Erzincan Railway Platform member, Ortahisar and Metropolitan Municipality Council member Mustafa Yaylalı attended. President of TSİAD [more…]

completed the melet bridge in the army
52 Army

Completion of the Melet Bridge in Ordu

Completion of the Melet Bridge in Ordu; With the initiatives of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, the new building built on the Melet River in the Altınordu district of Ordu, which is the backbone of the traffic in the Eastern Black Sea Region, is located [more…]

disinfection of municipal buses
61 Trabzon

Disinfection of Municipal Buses in Tranzon

Disinfection in Municipal Buses in Tranzon; While the internal and external cleaning of the buses that provide public transportation services are carried out routinely every day within Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu [more…]

tcdd mechanic courses will be re-opened
06 Ankara

TCDD Mechanic Courses Will Reopen

TCDD Mechanic Courses will be reopened; 21 February 2018 opened and received great interest from the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation Inc. is a demand for re-opening of the mechanic course of the course [more…]

female patriots

What is Vatman?

What is Vatman, what does it work, how to become? : Tramway for passenger vehicles used in urban passenger transport, moving on special rails that are not projected on the road and operating on electric power [more…]