Izmir Transportation Investments Receive Lion's Share in 2020 Budget

lion's share in izmir budget received transportation investments
lion's share in izmir budget received transportation investments

Izmir Transportation Investments Receive Lion's Share in 2020 Budget; 7 billion 950 million pounds 2020 budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was accepted in the Municipal Council. 32,6 percent of the budget, which increased by 46 percent compared to the previous year, is reserved for investments. With the İZSU and ESHOT budgets, the total expenditures of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the city in 2020 will be 12 billion 384 million TL.

2020 Fiscal Year Budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was accepted in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. 7 billion 950 million 46 million TL of the budget allocated to investments. Thus, the three-day budget marathon ended in the Parliament. Budgets of 2 billion 989 million 481 thousand of İZSU General Directorate on Monday and 1 billion 444 million 576 million of ESHOT General Directorate were accepted on Monday. With the passing of the budget of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the total expenditure budget of İzmir's local administration in the year 2020 reached 12 billion 384 million TL.

President Soyer praises bureaucrats

Speaking after six hours of budget negotiations, İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer thanked the council members for their findings, criticisms and contributions. Mayor Soyer stated that they would benefit from these opinions and said: “İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is a municipality that does not provide rent and construction site premium. This has been the case from the past. Rent and question were not discussed during today's negotiations. I believe that we will strengthen İzmir by hand in hand. We have a very experienced bureaucracy behind us. 450 has years of trial, innocence of municipal councilors, bureaucrats, presidents. I thank you all one by one..

Hand in and take the EXPO

Botan Expo at 2025 then EXPO 2030'a they aspire to, despite the host of cities that EXPO'nun reminding the President Soyer, hand in hand if they give EXPO'yu underlined that they can bring EXPO.

“Good luck to Izmir”

Speaking during the budget negotiations, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality CHP Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Ozuslu, economy shrank, inflation and unemployment rate increased in an environment drew attention to the amount of investment in the budget prepared. Stating that they are working to make İzmir a world city, Özuslu said, ray The rail system investments stand out in the budget. We want to offer comfortable transportation to our people. While the government undertakes the rail system investments in some provinces, it does not make it in Izmir. Our municipality is doing it by finding resources. We will work together for İzmir in this assembly by listening to each other. Democracy. I wish that our budget will be beneficial to our city. ”

We have to tell this world to the world

Presidential Guest House in Varyant, which was brought up in the budget negotiations, İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who also clarified about going to work by bicycle and traveling abroad, said: ım I have two children. We have a modest life. 'Moved to the castle' was said. No such thing. We established a digital library there; we live in a hall of three rooms. Our main house is in Seferihisar. We use this place like lodging. My cycling was also on the agenda. Every morning I go to work by bike, I try to go wherever possible by bike. The perception of the mayor abroad is implied. We want to make Izmir a world city. You cannot create a world city from where you live. If I don't go, you have to tell me to go. If we don't go, if we don't tell us, this city will continue skating ”.

Transportation and infrastructure investments do not slow down

The “lion's share inden of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality budget, which grew by 32,6 percent compared to the previous year, was received by infrastructure and transportation investments. 1 billion 268 million TL was allocated to transportation in Izmir. 450 million for Narlıdere Metro, 100 million for Buca Metro and 97 million pounds for Çiğli Tram. Halkapınar-Karabağlar metro line will prepare the project Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to strengthen the Gulf transportation 137 million pounds with an investment of two-car ferry. A new 140 car park with a thousand 27 vehicles will be added to the city, an XNUMX kilometer bike path will be added and an intelligent traffic management system will be developed.

A budget of over 2 billion pounds has been allocated for road works in urban and rural areas, repairs to squares, streets and roads, road overpasses, vehicles and pedestrian bridges. 73 million 400 thousand TL investment Homer Boulevard-Bus Station Connection road will be built.

Support for agriculture and animal husbandry will increase threefold

The amount of support that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will provide for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Izmir and the development of the producer has been increased by 3 times compared to the budget of the previous year and 68 has increased to TL million. In order to ensure the healthy growth of children and support the rural producers, the Milk Lamb Project will reach 2020 thousand children in 160. 15,3 million milk will be distributed. 76 million pounds in the budget for this resource was allocated.

The amount of green space is increasing thousand square meters of 500

Preparing the city against climate change, refractory afforestation, ecological restoration of Gediz Delta, green city action plan are among the prominent works. 121 million 800 thousand for the construction of green areas and recreation areas, 441 million pounds budget for all green area work was allocated. With the new recreation areas to be built, the amount of green space will increase by 500 thousand square meters. Seasonal flowers and plants to be used in these areas will be purchased from producers.

Kemeraltı and its surroundings Kemeraltı and its surroundings will be lifted up as part of the İzmir Historical Project. The infrastructure of the region will be renewed. 126 million pounds budget was allocated for the renewal of the Kemeralti area. In addition, the financial support to be given to the ongoing archaeological excavations throughout the city also increased 2 times compared to last year and reached 11 million pounds.

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