Sivas Light Rail System Project Should Be Implemented Immediately

sivas light rail system project should be implemented urgently
sivas light rail system project should be implemented urgently

Sivas Light Rail System Project should be implemented urgently; Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railway Workers Union, said: ür If we think that there is so much traffic fatigue in a province with three hundred and thirty thousand inhabitants, I don't even want to think about what happened when the population of this city was five hundred thousand. The issue needs to be resolved urgently. High punishment to vehicles in stuck traffic does not solve the problem. Adequate parking spaces should be established and the station street should not be a compulsory street. We are longing for a more livable Sivas. Land

Peker emphasized that the light rail system project between Sivas and Cumhuriyet University should be put into practice urgently, saying that the only solution to the traffic ordeal is the light rail system and listed the suggestions for the city as follows.

1- Transportation master projects should be prepared;

2- Revision zoning plan should be revised and main arterial pathways should be established.

3- When creating the main arterial roads, public transportation vehicles (Raybus, Metrobus, etc.) should be designed with bicycle paths in mind.

4- The central traffic flow should be handled radically and unidirectional, public transport should not enter the traffic. Or preferential road should be considered as an alternative. Eastern city, Karşıyaka and Tuzlugöl as attraction centers.

5- A new boulevard between the University and Yenişehir neighborhood should be created. The Hal area should be transformed into a modern shopping and multi-purpose business center.

6- Different city centers should be created with the slogan of new Sivas, the city should be saved from a single center. The most obvious proof of this is the fact that the multi-storey car parks, which have been designed as the center of government square in the projects of all the candidates, are excessive in the center.

7- High Speed ​​Train route should be intervened urgently and should not be allowed to divide the city in two. In other provinces, this problem is experienced with too much.

8- The iron and steel factory should be reorganized for the production of light rail systems, production of high speed train elements and production of Raybus by bringing together TÜDEMSAŞ and ÖZBELSAN.

We have no doubt that the Mayor of Sivas, Mr. Hilmi Bilgin and his team will solve the problems we have written above. We thank them for their interest in advance. Adı

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