Trabzon 4. International Silk Road Businessmen Summit Begins

trabzon international silk road businessmen summit started
trabzon international silk road businessmen summit started

The “4. International Silk Road Businessmen Summit ”started with 23 participants from 700 countries, especially Berat Albayrak, Minister of Treasury and Finance and İsmail Ustaoğlu.

The first day program, Summit Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, Trabzon Governor Ismail Ustaoğlu, Trabzon Mayor Murat Zorluoğl of China, Ambassador Deng Li, Turkey Exporters Assembly President Ismail roses, Trabzon Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu with numerous Business people joined.

Local and where the bilateral business meetings among foreign business people, speaking at the summit that the introduction of Trabzon and the region's investment and trade potential of Treasury and Finance Minister Minister Albayrak said that despite the economic and currency attacks that fold growth of Turkey's economy.

Albayrak, the Minister highlighted the importance of the Silk Road history in his speech, China's' history to revive the Silk Road and establish trade bridge to the Atlantic from the Pacific launched on behalf of Belt Road Project, 8 trillion dollar volume and trade will bring new breath to Turkey offers great economic opportunities. Albayrak, "modern new Silk Road that China launched within the scope of other words Belt Road project this ecosystem, in addition to making the most significant contribution to the economies of countries in all of Asia, primarily China and Turkey to all these ecosystems is a very important meaning. Therefore, this mentioned volume of trade, these markets, to realize these opportunities, the Black Sea and Caspian basin countries to develop trade and investments, business partnerships in the region in order to create new business and this year 4'ünun held the summit of great importance We give. ”

Turkey is Albayrak get the desire that import growth, continued as follows: "deferred consumption and investment decisions, especially with our normalization in financial markets to ensure that we are entering a new era now begins to accelerate. Leading data shows that already. Especially in the third quarter of this year, the figures for this recovery and balancing will be announced soon. We are entering a period in which this momentum accelerated in the last quarter. We will leave the year of 2019 with a positive growth with a performance beyond the expectations of many institutions, with the reassuring steps we have taken and its impact on measures to support economic activity. ”

Stating that they will continue to support investments in production, employment and exports, Minister Albayrak concluded his words as follows: uz We see very clearly that all the positive weather provided also stimulates investments. According to the latest TOBB data, 2019 has increased its number of companies established in October by 8,5 percent compared to the previous month and 18 percent compared to the previous year. Especially in September and October, when we look at SSI entries and employment, we see strong recovery signals. In September, 400 has more than a thousand SSI entries. October continues positive. This will be seen on the employment side of November and December. There are all these positive data, revealed that Turkey's potential growth for the year 2020 show that reaches a very comfortable way. We will continue to support investments in production, employment and exports. We have put forth our goals and ideals change in the new economic program will proceed with sure steps as Turkey. "


Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu, 4. Within the scope of Ipekyolu International Businessmen Summit, bilateral meetings were held with Pakistan delegation. Islamlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Muhammed Ahmed and his delegation met with Zorluoglu, emphasized the importance of the historic Silk Road. Pakistan's two friendly and brotherly countries that addressed the Zorluoğl with Turkey, he said that further increasing the trade capacity. President of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Ahmed said that they are at a very important summit in Trabzon. Ahmed said they wish to further develop trade relations.

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