ESHOT Call Center Resolves Citizen's Problem

eshot call center to solve the problem of citizens
eshot call center to solve the problem of citizens

ESHOT Call Center Resolves Citizen's Problem; Approximately 6 thousand applications are made to the call center of ESHOT General Directorate on average per month. 82 percent of applications are resolved immediately.

ESHOT call center is working to find solutions to the wishes of citizens. The average monthly 6 thousand applications received from ESHOT Customer Service and Corporate Communications Department within the call center, 82 percent of instant solution success was recorded. Applications that require review, research, planning and coordination are answered within 15 days.

Sürekli We continuously increase the quality ”

Erhan Bey, General Manager of ESHOT, made a statement about the issue and stated that the call center is a very important unit in terms of direct communication with the people of Izmir. We provide call center personnel with training on effective speech and diction, effective communication, body language and stress management. We aim to increase citizen satisfaction to the highest level possible. Tı

320 0 320 telephone line to ESHOT Call Center, is can be accessed via internet address, email and social media. The ESHOT Call Center deals directly with the applications directed to it by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Nursing Communication Center (HIM).

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