T2 Terminal Tram Line

city ​​square terminal tram line
city ​​square terminal tram line

The Everlasting Suffering of the Bursaers City Square Terminal Tram Line; The T2015 tram line, the tender of which was made by the Metropolitan Mayor Altepe in 2, is still not completed, although the company that took the job was committed to finish in June 2018.

Universal'de Ugur Ökdemir according to the news; Environmental problems of Bursa, which is struggling with many problems such as air pollution, distorted urbanization and transportation, are also added to the endless projects. The new stadium of Bursaspor which is constantly on the agenda with its cost and the alligator-looking head of the stadium that has not been completed for years, divides the city of Istanbul into two ways and the T2 tram line that cannot be completed.

T2 tram line, which was planned to start from the city square and reach the Bursa intercity bus terminal, was tendered by Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the period, in 2015. The project is still not finished, although the contractor has pledged to complete the line in June of 2018. Moreover, the work on the tram line is almost non-existent, although new dates are constantly given.

Alinur Aktaş, who took office after Recep Altepe, said in a statement he made at 20 September 2018, stating that they have set a last period of 2 monthly on T3 tram line and said, anız If you ask me, it will not grow. If you say what happens, they will endure.. Later, Aktaş said in his statement at 25 January: açık We need to integrate the T2019 line with other rail systems. We decided to go underground in the 2 meter towards the town square. Kullan

The objections of the professional chambers stating that the project was wrong since the beginning of the T2 tram line were not listened to and the Istanbul road was divided into two. The tradesmen on the way to Istanbul had a negative impact on the unfinished project's works and closed the road to traffic. Returning to the story of the snake T2 tram line, saying that the artisan has suffered from the joint discourse 'wrong project' is.


Birkan Yeşil, who said that they could not cross the street; Mesafe The distance between the two overpasses is quite a distant, unnecessary project. There were hundreds of trees on this road and many of them were cut. There is an endless construction right now, and the road is split by people jumping over iron fingers. We ask the engineers they say it ends very difficult. They should have done it underground. Nowadays, the traffic problem has increased every day and they added a new problem to Bursa. Not to mention the environmental pollution, dust and dirt we have always attracted trades here. They throw asphalt, and after a month they come and dig for water. Again the asphalt was thrown from behind to come to natural gas and dug three times. Now it is said that the electric wires will be taken down and excavated again. I think the former mayor is responsible for this first degree. They have done an endless project. ”


About 16-17 Alihan Emre Vanlı said that he had shops on the way to Istanbul for years; “A very wrong project is constantly postponed. They cut the road in half, we walk too long to cross the road. A straight path would have taken it underground instead of taking it above ground. In this way, both the road would be narrowed and traffic would be more relaxed. Ask the public when preparing the project, but it does not. One said it will be like this place has been under construction for years. Further confusion occurs on the contrary, as the traffic problem is not solved by narrowing the road.


Esn 20 Bursa took years back yıl he reacted, another trades who do not want to give his name; “There is no confusion if everyone does their own work. Everyone has their eyes on each other's work. I am a tradesman who voted for the AKP but this project is a wrong project. I think he's been misled by the President. I told this to the AKP MPs who visited us, because it was done wrong. I do not halal right to those who approve this project. During the 3 month when the work started, we were unable to do business. This situation does not suit Green Bursa. They spent Marmaray underwater in Istanbul, but they could not do it. The city is divided into all roads. Izmir road was divided into two, now Istanbul road is divided into two. Couldn't it be built underground? This is a dead project for me, it could have been a five-lane road, but they couldn't. I pay my bill, my tax. Everyone who signs this project, who lifts a finger is responsible, should give account. ”



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