Full Support from Denizli Ulasim to Blood Donation Campaign

full support for blood donation campaign
full support for blood donation campaign

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. participated in the blood donation campaign organized by the Turkish Red Crescent Denizli Blood Donation Center under the motto “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son bir and displayed a sensitive behavior.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., Turkish Red Crescent ın Mother, Father, ABla, Abi, Son; Blood, everyone always needs! Let's be a regular blood donor, stand by the needy in difficult times. Lik We have benevolence in our blood ”. The campaign, which was supported by Büyükşehir Ulasim AS for the second time, took place in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Management Facilities. Büyükşehir Ulasim A.Ş. the staff garnered great appreciation. Greater Transportation Inc. General Manager Turgut Özkan thanked all personnel who participated in the campaign for their sensitive behavior.

Award to successful staff

On the other hand, award ceremony was held for successful personnel working in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The awards are given to the personnel who work as a driver in buses and who draw attention with their successful performances within the company. General Manager Turgut Özkan. Thanks to the employees Özkan, Metropolitan Transportation Inc. He stressed that his family continued to serve Denizli people with smiling face.

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