our first domestic car 57 yasinda
26 Eskisehir

Our First Domestic Car is 57 Age!

While domestic automobiles are on the agenda again these days, Devrim, the first hundred percent national and domestic automobile produced in our country, is 57 years old! How is Devrim the first domestic car in our country? [more…]

historic doctor wagon
64 Uşak

History Doctor Wagon Meets Usak

The Doctor Wagon (Sanitary Emergency Wagon), restored by TCDD Izmir 3rd Regional Directorate, was brought to Uşak Train Station to be exhibited within the framework of the 95th Anniversary celebrations of the Republic. 95th anniversary of our Republic. [more…]

metro istanbula two odul multiple
34 Istanbul

Two Awards to Metro Istanbul!

Metro Istanbul won the first prize in the "Digital Transformation Award of the Year" and "Quality Awards Business Transformation" category. Integrated project consisting of 1 phases as of January 2017 [more…]