Traffic Warning Signs Are Placed on Gedevet Road

alanya gedevet road traffic warning signs are placed
alanya gedevet road traffic warning signs are placed

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams continue to work intensely in the rural area as well as in the city center. Metropolitan Municipality teams are placing traffic warning signs in the section of Gedevet Road, which has been pouring asphalt a while ago in Alanya, up to the Taşatan road separation.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality asphalt pouring more comfortable and safer traffic by placing traffic signs on the roads warns drivers to be careful. Alanya Gedevet Road Taşatan until the separation of the teams who continue to work in the section up to the border of the Metropolitan section of the traffic warning signs to be placed in one way.

The two-way traffic warning signs are planned to be installed in the other part of the road in the coming days. Traffic signs are aimed at the drivers to travel safely. Citizens of the region expressed their satisfaction with the traffic warning signs attached to the roadside of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

On the other hand, the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya Serik'in Kadriye and Ataturk Street made the control of traffic signs. Due to the increasing season due to the tourist season, worn plates were changed for safer traffic.

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