Batman Governor Şahin Raybus said 'Political Will is a must'

batman governor sahin said the political will sart for raybus
batman governor sahin said the political will sart for raybus

Batman Governor Hulusi Şahin expressed his views on the campaign we have started to convert the train rails into railways on the Batman Diyarbakır railway.

Batman Diyarbakir rail vehicles will reduce the number and air pollution, the citizens will save the cost of loaded road, safe, fast and cheap travel opportunities for the rail transport we started the campaign, while the Governor Sahin expressed his views on the issue. Governor Şahin, stating that Raybus is a project that can be implemented with political will "The Republic of Turkey State Railways, an institution that loss. A service-oriented institution that does not care about money. Therefore, if political will occurs on this issue is possible. This is done in Ankara. You always say Batman is derelict. Isn't there actually Batman? We need to make a positive call Ş said.(Batmansonsöz)

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