Erol Arıkan's General Manager Erol Arıkan's Eid-Al-Adha Celebration Message

news general erol arikan celebration message
news general erol arikan celebration message

In the 1300 years, the Islamic scholar Ibn Khaldun said that the disappearance of solidarity in a society was one of the most important factors that prepared the collapse of that society.

I would like to express with happiness that we feel our solidarity and solidarity with our religious holidays, our beautiful features that make us, while living as a community, we are more tightly interlocking, strengthening our consciousness that we will be stronger together.

Within this awareness, 7 / 24, 365 TCDD Transportation provides daily transportation services. We operate hundreds of passengers and freight trains daily, transport thousands of passengers and thousands of tons of cargo safely and put our new trains to the expedition.

In this context, we started to operate the East Express on the Ankara-Kars line as well as the Touristic East Express for tourism purposes and the Ankara Express on the Ankara-Istanbul line.

Our international passenger transport is also developing. While the demand for Istanbul-Sofia Train was increasing, we extended the flights between Iran and Van-Tabriz Train to Tehran. Next is the Trans Asia Express for Ankara-Van line.

We are experiencing the joy of feast in freight transport. In May, the amount of freight we carried with other train operators exceeded 3 million tons.

As for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, the interest of the countries in the region is increasing and freight train services are increasing.

Holidays are the days when we serve our nation more for the railroad profession.

As TCDD Transportation, we have taken the necessary measures for the comfort and safety of our passengers during the festival. We increased the capacity of all our trains with additional high-speed trains and additional wagons. We have created approximately 2 thousand 500 in YHT and 30 thousand additional passengers in conventional.

On behalf of the TCDD Transportation family, I congratulate the Sacrifice Feast with the most sincere feelings, wish the Islamic world and the world to have a sense of peace and brotherhood, and thank you for choosing the train for your travels.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager and Chairman

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