Between Malatya and Elazığ Raybüs Geliyor

Customs and Trade Minister Bulent TÜFENKÇİ, remarks on visiting Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, stating that Turkey has entered an important long was that he had less time to 24 June elections.

Explaining that the new system will be determined by the votes of those who said 'yes' to the Presidential Government System on April 16, 2017, Minister Tüfenkci emphasized that those who oppose the system say “We will implement this system best” and want to go to work.

Tüfenkci said, “As we have stated on that day, our people should be sincere, consistent and principled. We have always followed consistent and principled politics under the leadership of our leader, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Turkey on the eve of a pair of scissors change. With this change, we aimed at the effective and powerful Assembly. This system has two legs. The strong government, the strong Assembly. ” he spoke.

Parliament and the government when he was working in harmony so far as Turkey's new system will grow further describing TÜFENKÇİ Ministers, the President pointed Government System that they will further increase the country's exports.

Tüfenkci announces that they find work and loyalty about 1 million young people every year.

“The June 24 elections are a milestone. Turkey must take this opportunity to good reviews. Nobody now or in the future of Turkey as an excuse for this one should put mortgage malaise. Turkey's cumhur created in the survival of the points we have emerged stronger from an alliance point. Turkey's yesterday in Afrin, Euphrates Shield, you remember the operations carried out against PKK-KCK and other terrorist organizations. Stability, trust and peace are very important for these operations to be crowned and permanent. Hopefully our nation will do this on June 24. Now the word and decision are the nation. ”

Railroad between Malatya and Elazığ

Emphasizing that Malatya has become a center of attraction as of the point it has reached, Minister Tüfenkci stated that there will be much more investment in the city.

Noting that the city is a city of peace, peace and love, Tüfenkci said, “Hopefully, there will be a trial for rambus between Malatya and Elazığ. I hope the ministerial council will open it for signature in the coming days. We want to increase the economic scale especially between the two provinces by launching a railroad service between Malatya and Elazig. ” he spoke.

Giving the good news that an investment of approximately 130 million Turkish lira will come to Malatya, Tüfenkci said that the city will be given a place where maintenance and repair of electric locomotives are carried out.

Minister Tüfenkci wished success to Hacı Uğur Polat, who was brought to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which Ahmet Çakır left for his candidacy for parliamentary candidate.




    1. It is also necessary between Malatya and Diyarbakır. This is Raybus. Sivas Sivas and Sivas should be in Elazığ

    2. It is also necessary between Malatya and Diyarbakır. This is Raybus. Sivas Sivas and Sivas should be in Elazığ