Railbus Training for Machinists on Batman Diyarbakır Line

rayman training for machinists who work in batman diyarbakir line
rayman training for machinists who work in batman diyarbakir line

With the demand of transforming the railway network, which is active on Batman-Diyarbakır Railroad, where approximately 15 thousand people travel each day, to rail transportation, Batman afterword newspaper launched a campaign began to yield results. Batman-Diyarbakır train line employees were called for rail transportation training.


The transformation of the 90 kilometer railway, which is active between Batman and Diyarbakır, into a rail system, the profit of the state from the rail transportation company, the transportation of at least one thousand people at each time by rail, calls to reduce accidents and air pollution by reducing vehicle traffic on the Batman-Diyarbakır railway. started. Thousands of signatures collected by the request of rail transportation reached the relevant places and the issue was transferred to the Diyarbakır Press, Parliament and Ministries. After the public opinion in Batman and Diyarbakir, the demands of the rebus began to be taken into consideration. Machinists in Batman and Diyarbakir region, was called to train for the rail. United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Diyarbakir Branch President Nusret Basmaci, bus trainings will be held in groups in the coming weeks, he said.

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