Surprise from Tunç Soyer to University Students Coming to Izmir

university students from izmire tunc soyerden surprise
university students from izmire tunc soyerden surprise

One of the universities in Izmir kazanA surprise name greeted the young people who came to the city for registration at the Izmir bus station. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who went to the bus station in the early hours of the morning, said 'welcome' to the new residents of İzmir together with the young volunteers.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer welcomed young people who came to Izmir from other cities for university education at the bus terminal. Soyer, who went to Izmir Bus Station with the first lights of the day, first met with the project team "Izmir Youths Embrace" and thanked the volunteers for their devoted work. Drinking tea for a while with university students and their families sohbet Chairman Soyer later joined the welcoming team. Students coming from different cities to enroll in universities in Izmir could not hide their astonishment when they saw President Soyer in front of them as soon as they got off the bus.

Organized under the leadership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the support of district municipalities, non-governmental organizations and volunteers, the “İzmir Welcomes Youth” project introduces the city to the young people coming to İzmir and aims to facilitate their adaptation to the social and cultural life of the city.

I was proud of our young people
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that thanks to the project “İzmir Welcomes Youth”, the feeling of coming to a foreign place on the youth was immediately broken and said, “Because they have peers who welcome them with a smiling face and excitement. Very nice, very nice thing. A very good start showing the solidarity of Izmir. For this reason, İzmir is one of the cities that university students enjoy the most. I was very proud of our young people from Izmir ”. Students and families expressed their satisfaction with the services provided and thanked Mayor Soyer.

“Izmir Welcomes Youth”
19 Volunteers of the Ağustos Izmir Welcomes Youth ”project, which has been on the field since August Monday, helps young people and their families with the first light of the morning. In order to reduce the concerns of the new residents of the city coming from outside Izmir and to help them, students are welcomed with hot soup, tea and donuts. Students who have been answered questions about housing and registration are brought to their universities with free services. At the information desks established in universities, students are provided guidance on registration and housing. The students are provided with brochures on various topics ranging from university sketches to transportation maps, information on accommodation and cultural needs to social activities, and free wireless internet at the bus stop. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as well as the Association for Supporting Contemporary Living, Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation and the public university in the district of Balcova, Bornova, Buca and Çiğli municipalities support the project.


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