Free Trade Agreement to Bring Southeast Asia and Bursa closer

free trade agreement will bring scholarship closer to south asia
free trade agreement will bring scholarship closer to south asia

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Thailand's Ambassador to Turkey visited the Chamber of Commerce Phantiph to Iamsudh to Ekarohit Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Thailand (STA) said that continued talks at the beginning of the deal 2020 year announced that they plan to come into force.

BTSO hosted Thai Ambassador to Ankara, Phantipha Iamsudha Ekarohit and the accompanying delegation. The delegation met with BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan and evaluated the works to be done in order to improve the economic relations between Bursa and Thailand. Muhsin Koçaslan, who gave information about the Bursa economy and the work of BTSO, said that the trade volume of Bursa is over 25 billion dollars. On the other hand, Koçaslan stated that the trade volume between Bursa and Thailand is approximately 80 million dollars and said, uz We do not consider our current trade volume sufficient. We believe that the Free Trade Agreement will be an important step for revitalizing the trade between Bursa and Thailand. ”


Stating that BTSO aims to move its members to a stronger position in the target markets through projects aimed at increasing foreign trade, Koçaslan pointed out that Thailand is a market located at the center of the 650 million population. Stating that the country has important opportunities for companies in Bursa, Koçaslan emphasized that efforts should be made to develop economic relations between the two countries. Koçasl, the BCCI also by infrastructure work quickly while Turkey's first high-tech industrial zone organized by providing information about TEKNOSAB, Thai investors are invited to invest in the region.


Ambassador of Thailand to Iamsudh Phantiph to Ekarohit, Turkey and Thailand said it was strategically countries alike. Noting that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to be signed between the two countries is the product of an important cooperation vision, the Ambassador said that he believes that the agreement will make a significant contribution to economic relations. Ambassador Ekarohit said, kadar So far, 5 separate meetings have been held within the scope of negotiations. At the end of this month, the parties will meet again in Bangkok to determine the scope of the agreement. We aim to have STA in force at the beginning of 2020, which will eliminate many obstacles to our trade. ”


In a period of global trade war is an expression that is extremely important the cooperation of countries such as Turkey and Thailand Ambassador, "both countries should get out of the comfort zone. We trade with the US, the EU and China, but now we have to find new trading partners. We have to take advantage of opportunities in other countries. In this regard, Thailand and Turkey, to support each other and to increase the trade volume gerekiyor.türki a very strong country and we rely on the potential of this country. We will continue to make every effort to bring our economic relations to the desired points in the coming period. ”

Stating that business representatives should be informed about the advantages of the agreement for the successful implementation of the FTA, the Ambassador also stated that they will hold a meeting with DEİK in Istanbul on September 19, and invited Bursalı companies to this meeting.

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