The Ministry Passed Highway Through 200 Million Years Ballıkayalar Natural Park

ministry said the tree cali motorway through the forest gecirdiaa archives
ministry said the tree cali motorway through the forest gecirdiaa archives

A remarkable statement came from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry about the North Marmara Motorway, which will pass the OIZ connection from the Ballıkayalar 200 million-year-old natural park in Gebze, Kocaeli. Ministry, link roads 37 thousand 746 square meters of forest will pass through the land, said: "This route is usually covered with shrubs in the form of shrubs will not cut trees," he said. It is learned that if the new road is completed, the alternative roads will be shortened by only 35 minutes.

CHP Kocaeli Deputy, Parliamentary Industry Commission Party Sözcüsu Tahsin Tarhan brought the issue to the agenda of the parliament and asked the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli. SözcüAccording to the news of Ugur Enç; In response to the Ministry said that Gebze OIZ was chosen because it is very close to the area in question and explained why the intersection area was not taken out of Ballıkayalar. “It was not possible to be very close to the OIZ connection road, as the box office area and the intersection area on the connection road to be established were established in a very limited area. Minimum standards have been applied in junction designs and the OIZ connection road has been kept as short as possible in terms of traffic safety. ”

The project link road in Ballıkayalar 37 thousand 746 square meters of forest area and 26 thousand 943 square meters of forest area will not be counted, explaining that a single tree will not cut the ministry claimed. In response to the Ministry, otoyol The motorway within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway project will pass through a small part of the eastern border of the Ballıkayalar Taibat Park (37 thousand 746 square meters of forested area). will not. In addition, in accordance with the signed protocols and contracts, afforestation will be carried out in addition to the annual afforestation programs. Ild

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