TCDD Personnel Purchase Announcement Published via DPB

tcdd staff recruitment published via dpb
tcdd staff recruitment published via dpb

TCDD General Directorate announced that it will recruit workers with an announcement. Personnel recruitment announcement and details published on DPB are in our news.


TCDD, Turkey with an announcement released by the State Personnel Presidency announces recruitment out through the Employment Agency.

3 person will be employed in recruitment of Railway Line Maintenance and Repair staff.

According to the announcement, there are certain conditions that candidates must apply for the recruitment staff. These application conditions are conveyed below the item by item.


To be a Turkish citizen, not to be deprived of public rights, to have the license to use their civil rights, to have the education requirement determined for the staff, the disabled workers to be employed in our Organization will be subject to the Labor Law No. 4857. Being positive as a result of a security investigation.

Experience Requirement: For the disabled workers to be employed in the art line of Railway Maintenance and Repairers, it is required to have worked at least 6 months in road maintenance and repair works in rail systems where freight and passenger transport is carried out together.


Candidates who will apply for the recruitment announcement will apply through İŞKUR. The application process for the advertisement will be published on 6 August.

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