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maritime culture
maritime culture

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan stated that basic training programs about amateur maritime were started to be given free of charge in order to turn people's faces into the sea and to see beyond the horizons. We aim to increase this number to 350 million by 100, the 2023th anniversary of our republic. ” said.

Minister Turhan, pointing out that Turkey's future is in the navy, "we must turn our faces to the sea literally." he spoke.

Throughout history, those countries landlocked always be more advantageous striking Turhan, he said that Turkey has the potential of one of the world's largest geographical sea.

Turhan, Turkey, as well as having the potential of marine-derived natural wealth of the world sea transport in highlighting that there should be one of the key countries, "Three our side surrounded by the sea but it is also open alone can not provide benefits to anyone in this case." He said.

Turhan, transferring a product by sea, 84 floor by rail, 3 floor by road, 7 is more economical than airline.

Turhan in world trade, expressed sea transportation is very decisive, thanks to the vision of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the last 16 years, Turkey is among the shipping in the leading countries of the world, to take place in the black list of vessels prior to 2002 despite today noted that when the white list.

“There is abundance, abundance and future at sea”

Turhan stated that the maritime fleet capacity grew by 2008 more than the world maritime fleet in spite of the global crisis at 75 and 2002 in the world. Located in Turkey today 17 of the maritime fleet. 15 in the world yacht production of the country. said that the brand has become a queue.

Turhan pointed out that the number of shipyards, which was 2003 in 37, rose to 78 today and said, “We have turned the face of our people and our industry back to the sea. Because there is abundance, abundance and future at sea. The maritime sector has to offer integrity with its human power as well as its physical infrastructure. ” found the assessment.

Turkey is, after China with 112 thousand trained seamen Turhan emphasized that ranks second in this area, until today, the 'Amateur Seaman's Certificate' number of that 350 thousand approached, the Republic of Turkey citizen reported that of one amateur sailors document every 390 people. Turhan stated that this data is at the level of one in 64 in the Netherlands, one in 68 in Italy and one in 184 in Germany.

“Our free trainings continue”

Minister Turhan, the Republic 100. Until 2023, which is the anniversary, 1 expressed that they want to prepare an Amateur Seaman Certificate with education by infusing maritime culture to million citizens and achieving the goal of millet seaman nation, seaman country ”.

Turhan reiterated that they gave basic education programs about amateur maritime for the purpose of turning people's faces into seas and seeing beyond the horizon.

“With the applications made to 71 Port Presidencies and the central organization of our Ministry, we have given nearly 350 thousand 'Amateur Seafarers' Certificates. We aim to increase this number to 100 million by 2023, the 1th anniversary of our republic. For this, there are theoretical and practical training programs in the harbor offices and the central organization of our Ministry in addition to the training program in electronic environment. This document is given to those who succeed in the exam after the training. ”

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