hose disaster at antalya airport
07 Antalya

Hose Disaster at Antalya Airport

The storm and tornadoes that were effective in Antalya and its districts died in the middle of the week. The hoses that caused heavy damage to Kumluca caused the death of 2 citizens. 1 person disappeared when the vehicle dragged by the hose to the stream got caught in the water. If today [more…]

aesthetic touch to the bursa mustafakemalpasa bus terminal
16 Bursa

Aesthetic Touch to Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa Bus Terminal

The bus terminal, which has been in service in Bursa's Mustafakemalpaşa district since the 1990s, has gained a modern appearance with a comprehensive revision from the floor to the ceiling by the Metropolitan Municipality. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which resolutely realizes the projects that will carry Bursa into the future, [more…]

defense industry helicopter platforms entrusted to domestic and national experts
06 Ankara

Defense Industry Helicopter Platforms

Türk Loydu and HeliPlat have signed an important cooperation for our defense industry. Between Türk Loydu and HeliPlat; cooperation protocol on tests and controls to meet the helicopter platform certification / licensing requirements was signed at a ceremony held at the headquarters of Türk Loydu. [more…]

new bus terminal
35 Izmir

New Bus Terminal to Çeşme

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the municipal service building and bus terminal project works initiated for Çeşme. Buildings that share the same courtyard will make a strong impression with their designs. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of Turkey's world-famous tourist destination in the fountain, architecture and [more…]