snow and landslide
07 Antalya

Snow and Landslide Challenge in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the high sections of Alanya, clearing the roads closed by snow and landscaping opened for transportation. The rainy weather, which has been effective for a while in Alanya and its surroundings, has had a negative impact on life especially in high places. Showers in Taşatan [more…]

ulasimpark 2018i takes the hail
41 Kocaeli

Transportation Passed 2018 Full

TransportationPark Inc., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to grow in 2018. Transportation Park which provides public transportation services to the people of Kocaeli in 2018; citizens' bus drivers and tram drivers appreciate and respect the exemplary movements of the citizens. [more…]

seker gebze has reviewed the metro station metro darica
41 Kocaeli

Works at Gebze-Darica Metro Line

Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker made inspections on the station construction sites of Gebze-Darıca Metro. The works on the metro line between Gebze and Darıca, where the most dense industrial enterprises are, continue at full speed. Visit the area where the Metro line works [more…]

manisa teams are trying to close the roads
45 Manisa

Teams in Manisa

The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa was mobilized to prevent the roads from closing in the areas where the snowfall was affected. All the teams and tools for snow shoveling, salting and road leading to the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, to ensure that the citizens are not working day and night. [more…]

mithatpasa trafigine new breath
35 Izmir

New Breath to Mithatpaşa Traffic

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has opened the Deniz Feneri Street Underpass in Üçkuyular, will complete another underpass which is continuing its work between Balçova Viaduct and the current gas station in the first half of this year. Relieve urban transportation [more…]