35 Izmir

Izmir Metro Inc. Offer to Threatens Workers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'nun prepared as a strike in IZBAN Metro Inc. shocked the details of his conversation with employees. When the workers refused to accept the offer, Kocaoğlu said, unda I will see when you regret it as a result of the strike. Vin [more…]

profitability in scholarship
16 Bursa

Snow Is Not Obstacle To Transportation In Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Departments, 17 in the district of the snow-covered work within the night to close the road to the opening of the 73 neighborhood road, while still closed neighborhood road. Department of Transportation Road Works Branch Office, total 138 [more…]

back to the skiing kisu fis coupe starts
14 Bolu

Skiing FIS Cup Begins in Gerede

Turkey Ski Federation 2019 Activity program and is located in the Ski Run organized every year the FIS Cup International Competitions will be held in the district of Bolu Geremi on January 5 6-2019. Competitions to be held in Gerede Arkut Ski Center [more…]

fire in tramway
42 Konya

Fire on Tram in Konya

The air conditioner motor in the tramway in Konya was burned due to overheating. The flames were extinguished to the last stop on the tram as soon as possible. According to information received, the fire on the tram, clock 00.15 in the central Seljuk district Bosnia and Herzegovina [more…]

Russia alternative to railway station
36 Kars

BTK Railway Alternatives When Shopping With Russia

Gelincik Port, which is used in fresh fruit and vegetable exports to Russia, is on the agenda. He put the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway alternative on the table in order to avoid any problems in these 2 years. News of Miray ÇİMEN from Akşam; The government made fresh fruit to Russia [more…]

Izmir subway and Izmir tramway strike
35 Izmir

Strike at the Door in Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram

While the İZBAN strike in Izmir is leaving 25 days behind, metro and tram workers are also preparing for the strike. Railroad-İş Union may post the strike decision to both workplaces this week. Explaining that they met with Aziz Kocaoğlu yesterday, İzmir branch head of the Railway-İş Union, Hüseyin [more…]

historical tombs on the subway
34 Istanbul

Historical Tombs in Besiktas

The 5.500-year-old kurgan tombs found in excavations in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul can be seen during the use of the metro. In situ preservation for the tombs unearthed during the metro station excavations in Beşiktaş and thought to belong to the beginning of the Early Bronze Age (3500-3000 BC) and [more…]

one more year behind
06 Ankara

Another Year Behind…

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınAn article titled “Another Year Behind…” was published in the January issue of Raillife magazine. HERE IS THE ARTICLE OF TCDD GENERAL MANAGER APAYDIN ​​New year means a new hope and a new excitement. Turkish [more…]

2019 will be the year of giant projects
06 Ankara

2019 Year Will Be The Year Of Giant Projects

In the January issue of Raillife magazine, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, published an article titled “2019 will be the year of giant projects Ulaştırma. THE WORK OF THE MINISTER ARSLAN Every step we take in line with our 2023 goals is great and strong [more…]

malkocoglu mehmet bey met the top pass
41 Kocaeli

Malkoçoğlu Mehmet Bey Overpass Introduced

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide services for uninterrupted and comfortable transportation throughout the city. The construction of pedestrian bridges is also not neglected in order to ensure the safety of citizens in crossings. In this context, Gebze D-100 above [more…]

tcdd train accident 6 gun record after preparation
06 Ankara

TCDD has prepared a Record of 6 Days from YHT Accident!

9 in the chain of negligence in the life of a person TCDD, six days after the train accident 'scissor training have provided,' he prepared a report. Osman Yildirim, who was arrested in the investigation of the high-speed train accident where the 9 died in the capital, stated that kaz I did not get his education Başkent [more…]