07 Antalya

Metro Period in Antalya

President Menderes Türel, who stated that they have been providing 27 intersection project in Antalya, said that these intersections have been saving 675 million liras annually. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, Muratpaşa district of Ermenek neighborhood met with citizens. Ermenekli of [more…]

Renewed Traffic Signs in Manisada
45 Manisa

Renewed Traffic Signs in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Office is renewing the traffic signs worn and destroyed in Saruhanlı district in order to ensure driving safety in traffic. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality renews traffic signs in Saruhanli in order to ensure transportation security. conducted [more…]

btso increases the competence of firms with ur ge
16 Bursa

BTSO Increases the Competence of Firms with UR-GE

UR-GE projects, which are under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), increase the business volume of SMEs and increase their competence with the trainings realized. Under the leadership of BTSO, educational organizations are continuing within the scope of UR-GE Projects organized by the Ministry of Commerce. 14 [more…]

retired collective pension
07 Antalya

Retirement and spouses

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provides great convenience to the public in public transportation. only between municipalities in Turkey in Antalya citizens, benefit from discounted public transport service from the moment that it is entitled to the pension. This discount also applies to retired spouses. Metropolitan Municipality ehir Peace [more…]