07 Antalya

Metro Period in Antalya

This period in Antalya, 27 intersection project, which appeared President Mayor Menderes Türel, 675 million pounds of these intersections per year, he said. Menderes Türel, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, is in Ermenek neighborhood of Muratpaşa district [more…]

Renewed Traffic Signs in Manisada
45 Manisa

Renewed Traffic Signs in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, in order to provide driving safety in traffic on behalf of the district Saruhanli worn out and destroyed traffic signs in time. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Saruhanli to ensure transportation safety [more…]

samsun traffic began to change digitally
55 Samsun

Digital Change Begins in Samsun's Traffic

Huawei signed a Smart City Cooperation Protocol with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and signed a great presentation on the subject. Mayor Zihni Şahin said, yolculuk This journey will turn Samsun into a smart city and we will make better for our people. [more…]

btso increases the competence of firms with ur ge
16 Bursa

BTSO Increases the Competence of Firms with UR-GE

Under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), UR-GE projects continue to increase the business volume of SMEs as well as increase their competence with the trainings. Within the scope of UR-GE Projects organized under the leadership of BTSO in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade [more…]

new stadium bosta ropeway like mint
16 Bursa

New 'Stadium' Idle, Like 'The Ropeway' Darphane!

While the new stadium of the local government is turning into a whirlpool, the cable car provided to the private sector works like a mint. With the New Year process… Bursa's cable car is on the national media! With the old system 20'S 2 for each person 15-17 in minutes [more…]

smart stop station started in the sea
20 Denizli

Smart Stall Period Begins in Denizli

Smart City applications within the scope of the Transportation Portal example of a system that started life passing by Turkey Denizli Municipality has launched the Smart Stop era in public transport system. Smart City award of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

compulsory education in minibusibbden minibus
34 Istanbul

Compulsory Education of Minibus Drivers

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Bus, taxi and school service drivers continue their trainings with minibus drivers. The periodical trainings given to the drivers using public transportation vehicles will be compulsory for the minibus drivers. Istanbul [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 03.01.2019 Tender Bulletin

Cleaning Service Will Be Taken Passenger Platform for Newborn Station Site Private Security Service Will Be Obtained Pedestrian Overpass Construction Work Maintenance and Repair Service Will Be Taken at Samsun Thick Line 105 + 300 Mobile Railway [more…]

Giant project for 4 seasons
16 Bursa

4 Giant Project for Mevsim Uludag

Despite being one of Turkey's most important tourism centers in the winter months only 3-4 mobility that Uludag, in order to be a year of tourism which contribute to the city's economy 12 months Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

retired collective pension
07 Antalya

Retirement and spouses

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provides great convenience to pensioners in public transportation. only between municipalities in Turkey in Antalya citizens, benefit from discounted public transport service from the moment that it is entitled to the pension. Moreover, this discount for retired spouses [more…]

Skiing Sports AS Difference
38 Kayseri

Kayakta Sports Co. Difference

Spor A.Ş. within the body of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Youth and Sports Club is ambitious in skiing. Sports Inc. athletes are preparing for the first place in Kayseri with 50 student who is licensed and has infrastructure. Sports Inc. on-site [more…]

tcddyi high speed train carpti 2
06 Ankara

High-Speed ​​Train hits TCDD

For years, the budget turned into a black hole State Railways 2017'yi 2 billion pounds turned out to be closed. According to the spokesman Ismail Sahin news, the agenda of the recent accident in the Republic of Turkey State Railways [more…]

hope of revival in automotive
16 Bursa

The prospect of revival in automotive

Ali Bilaloğlu, Chairman of the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), said that the extension of SCT and VAT reductions is a very important development. Bilaloğlu, in his written statement yesterday, increased interest in 2018, exchange rate [more…]

high level of security on roads
45 Manisa

Kula Road Safety Top Level

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Kula district with hot asphalt and satih coating works to increase the safety of roads, the district has brought new and modern roads. In the district, the remaining 4 annually 23 million [more…]