Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world

Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world: UTIKAD President Erkeskin said: "Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world in 2014." Stating that the 2014 World Congress of the Federation of Associations (FIATA) will be held in Istanbul on 13-18 October, he said, "Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world in 2014, so to speak."
Turgut Erkeskin, AA correspondent, his transportation and logistics sector companies have successfully completed the year 2013 and 2014 again stated that they have set great goals for them.
Erkeskin stated that the sector, which is affected by the shrinkage in the European market and the turmoil in the Middle East, will continue its efforts to open up to new markets and to exist in these markets, adding that the increasing fleet, warehouse, infrastructure and information technologies investments of the sector companies in the global logistics market will further He said he would increase.
Erkeskin stated that a significant portion of the sector companies realized the turnover targets in the last year with a growth in the 10 band with 20 last year, and on the basis of sector, they realized a growth rate of around 6-7 with a growth rate above the economy.
Erkeskin stated that the railway, seaway and port investments in the sector accelerated in 2014. kazanExpressing that they foresee that the consolidation process will continue and that the consolidation process will continue, he said, “In addition, while our companies continue their acquisitions abroad, we will witness domestic and foreign partnerships and mergers in the country. With the continuation of the optimistic environment in the global economy, developments in investment and legislation kazanWe think that the momentum of the sector will reflect positively on the sector and that the sector will outperform the economic growth in 2014," he said.
"Important and valuable work is done"
In the logistics sector, the state's infrastructure investments, legislative studies and activities in the private sector has been taken a significant distance Erkeskin, said:
“When we look at the state investments, the steps of starting Marmaray and laying the foundation of the third bridge are important for the logistics fluidity and future studies related to the sector. However, very important road investments are being made. There are port investments. There are significant capacity increases in our ports. Regarding air transport, new airports have been put into operation, and expansion investments have been made in the cargo facilities of the airports. New lines were also put into use in railway transportation; There are renovation of existing lines. Very important and valuable work is being done. "
Erkeskin said that the railway renovation works in the west of Istanbul also caused serious problems, HalkalıHe stated that due to the closure of the lines coming to Turkey, they lost their very important rail transport capacity and missed some customers.
Expressing that these are important losses of today, Erkeskin said, “Railway transport has a very characteristic dynamic; you cannot easily get back the customer you missed; You may not be able to pull it back to the railroad. This is the negative side. However, in the medium and long term, the renewal of these lines is important to us in the future. kazanIt will provide benefits,” he said.
High Speed ​​Rail with the project "human logistics" significant developments in the field has been registered and is currently the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Pointing built logistics centers in 19 points in the ingenuity Erkeskin, "the State makes the logistics sector, where investments in 2013 was too much," he said.
"The steps taken allow us to look positively forward"
Erkeskin stated that there are important improvements in the legislation studies, said:
"Law on the liberalization of railways in Turkey was passed by parliament in 2013 and entered into force. At the moment, we are waiting for his regulation studies, which we call secondary legislation, from here we will see how the private sector will take part in railway transportation. Important legislative work has been carried out and entered into force within the framework of the Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation General Directorate. A study was done in Turkey with our Spanish counterparts for the development of intermodal transport.
There are important studies regarding the transition to electronic system in civil aviation. There have been some attempts to prevent the transportation shares that we have lost share in the highway recently and develop in favor of foreigners; We expect the results of these to be seen in 2014. In addition, there have been legislative changes in terms of more modern and faster movement in customs. Although there are some shortcomings, the first steps taken now allow us to look positively forward. "
UTIKAD President Erkeskin stated that the logistics sector also made use of these opportunities and made serious investments in terms of capacity increase and said, “New storage facilities have been put into use. New truck investments, aircraft fleet development investments were made. The container fleet continued to develop in the same way. In addition, we launched the very important intermodal project. Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations UTIKAD is also the partner company started its activities under the leadership of Union, "he said.
"Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world in 2014"
Stating that one of the most important issues of the sector at the moment is the overhaul of the authorized liable system, Erkeskin said, “In the current structure, there are enough companies that can adapt to the authorized obliged party status. There is a risk that this will lead to a monopolization. This seems more like a well-known practice to companies that transport goods by road. This should definitely be applied to the seaway and the airline ”.
Stating that they have problems in the authority documents on road transport, Erkeskin said that the companies carrying out unqualified transport have led to unfair competition in the sector and companies that use their authorization documents outside the scope of their coverage.
Expressing that the preparation of secondary legislation related to the liberalization of railways is another issue on the agenda of the sector, Erkeskin said, “This year, one of our most important activities as an association will be to hold the 2014 congress of FIATA, the largest international organization of the industry, on 13-18 October in Istanbul. So to speak, Istanbul will be the logistics capital of the world in 2014 ”.
The conference thus over 100 thousand participants from countries in the near future transfer to Turkey Erkeskin, logistics and dynamics of the world and said they would discuss the development shown in Turkey.
Erkeskin state his attempts and Turkey with the front of the opening of the legislative work of the logistics industry indicating that made a star in the world on this issue, evaluate it by themselves stated that they have the opportunity to bring to Turkey such a congress.
"Effective producer of opportunities brought shipment, Turkey's foreign trade will further increase"
thoughts for Turkey's economy is also very positive Erkeskin stating, "We have a very large industry sector. a country engaged in the production of almost all goods quality as Turkey. In the world, especially after the crisis in 2008, the supply of goods from nearby places has come to the fore. Our world's most important consumer because of our proximity to Europe, which is one of the effective shipping goods to bring that capability is Turkey's foreign trade will further increase, is also an important center of power in this region of Turkey with the economic development in our efforts to Africa and the Caucasus and we believe it will become a production base ”.
Erkeskin last year, expected export growth could not be achieved although the expressed will increase its share of world trade and then back splash in the framework of the 2023 targets in Turkey next year, as logisticians said it would give every support.
Erkeskin, Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), in that they work with to better monitoring of the logistics sector, he added.

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